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Wellness 1x1 | Targeted Support Session

Regular price $55.00
Wellness 1x1 | Targeted Support Session
Starting a new Holistic way of living means some things from your old life must be eliminated and/or changed to match your updated wellness centered habits, personality, routines, and more..
Sometimes - That can be challenging. 
If you are starting to realize that your choices really do rule your life and are interested in learning some tips & tricks of the Empowered Woman's trade to make sure you can start taking and staying in control of your choices in a whole new way..
Schedule a Targeted support session to learn how metaphysical self care tools (symbolism, imagination, self expression, & faith in something bigger) can be used with regular everyday things as quick and practical solutions for your pressing issues - Right now.. Not later.

| How it Works |
1st - Pay $55 Via PayPal.Me Here - Enter your referral code in the notes section & take $10 off -
2nd - Schedule Your Wellness 1x1 Here *Keep an eye out for a confirmation email from 
3rd - Call the number provided in your confirmation email at your scheduled appointment time and get to faith based problem solving in no time!