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Volunteer for the Cause | Support Women's Empowerment

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Volunteer for the Cause | Support Women's Empowerment

Saving the world is no small thing.. I have been prepping & planning my little soul mission for a long time now to make sure this thing goes off without too many hitches.. And boy am I ready to see it come to life!

I had no idea COVID would happen.. Now - even though the world doesn't know it just yet.. It's ladies are ready too. 

The Soul & Herb's mission is simple.. Help women become self-reliant, independently financially stable, & holistically connected to themselves as a way to inspire taking responsibility over their own lives & in turn doing our individual & collective parts in helping make the world just a little bit better every day - One empowered women & one inspired action at a time.



We Need Your Help!

Housed under the Soul & Herb's Church of Life.. Each aspect of the Women's Empowerment brand is designed to provide valuable assistance, support, resources, & information about life betterment through self care and small business to it's staff, team member's, & their communities - Under the 'No Woman Left Behind' promise that every mama, sister, auntie, grandma, & bestie can become anything she wants if she's willing to put in the work it takes to become her most authentic & powerful self first. 

With a deep understanding that re-building life is hard.. Extremely hard at times.. and that doing so holistically is a way friends and family do not always support  - Here at Soul & Herbs, we are dedicated to being here in as many ways as possible for all the wild one's brave enough to fight the good fight & do it anyways..

With a growing team of outreach referral affiliate's working to grow their own self-employed income by sharing info about the cause & a world full of families ready to make some big covid recovery changes for 2021, The Soul & Herb's Brand needs some admin staff.. and a Headquarters so we can jump right on in.  


| How You Can Help |

All proceeds from - Including affiliate referrals, service offers, and other fundraising efforts are set up specifically to allow staff and member's the ability to work for & independently fund the different programs offered.. For themselves & others as the super world saving crew we are becoming.

The current team is aiming to be up and running all programs in some capacity by the scheduled church opening at the beginning of January.. The only way we will reach that goal is with the help of awesome supporter's who truly believe women can & should be in charge of their own happiness. 

So if you are on board with the Soul & Herb's style Holistic Women's Empowerment plan & want to play a part in it's grand opening/launch.. download the Empower Her Info Booklet for a breakdown of the programs, services, financial assistance, and other goodies we already have to offer & would love help getting the word out about. 

Your volunteer support efforts of any nature, will matter and be more appreciated than a thank you salutation can express - The women, family's, and communities you are setting us up to help will start paying it forward in no time at all.. As a better means of showing thank you instead.



The Empower Her Info Booklet | Download Here |