Lavender Chamomile Bath Salt Tea | Inner-Peace Blend

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Lavender Chamomile Bath Salt Tea | Inner-Peace Blend

Description |

Bath salt tea is a great prop to have on hand for those days when you can feel the stressful weight of the world on your shoulders and just need a few moments to collect your bearings.


| How to Use | 

Bath salt tea can be tossed directly into bath water (if you don't mind cleaning the mess after) or put in tea bags (sachets) and hung over shower-head/faucet while water runs. Filled sachets can be used as body scrubs too. 

Quickly relax your mind and body in a warm bath or shower while tapping into your emotions through your sense of smell at the same time to engage your imagination and connect yourself to a stress free state of peace for making healthy choices, figuring out how to handle tough situations, & planning steps to reach a goal.

**Works Well With: Future Self Visualization/Energy Work, Clear Sight Spells, New Moon & Divination Rituals, Crown & Brow Chakra Balancing Exercises, & Mindfulness Mantra & Breathing Meditations


| Ingredients |

Each ingredient in this blend was chosen based on the way it's chemical properties, popular/standard use, and new age symbolism can easily represent aspects of inner-peace that might be helpful attributes to focus your attention on while directing your imagination.

  • Organic Dried Lavender Buds || Represents Wisdom & Connection with Higher Power 
  • Organic Dried Chamomile Flowers || Represents Balance & Connection with Self 
  • Organic Oatmeal || Represents Clarity 
  • Epsom Salt || Represents Purity


    | Details |

    16 oz glass jar of handmade bath salt tea (at least 4 baths worth) - Scoop, 4 sachets, & extra long twine for hanging Included.

    Bath Tea is made to order. For best quality, store jar in a cool, dry place away from moisture & use within 3 months. 

    This blend is also available in Single Use Sample SizeBath Salt Tea Gift SetInner-Peace Booster Kit, & Lavender Goodie Bag


    *Disclaimer* Do not ingest. This tea is for external use only and not intended to prevent, treat, or cure any medical condition. To ensure safety, only use if you know you are not allergic to any of the ingredients listed and consult your personal doctor before use if you have any medical conditions and/or are currently taking any medication. 

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