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Referral Affiliate

Share free downloadable e-books & other resources with ladies you know & meet to Inspire self-reliance though self employment & holistic wellness

Content Specialist

Help Me get my crazy 'Save the World' message out of my head.. and onto my website.. without typo's, spelling mistakes, bad links, or other issues

Brand Advocate

Lead your own team of emPOWERed women - Soul & Herbs Style! Inspire, motivate, & support them through each phase of owning a soul business

Meet Soul & Herbs

The Women's Empowerment Brand

Life's Magic is What Power's All of Us - Learning to Embrace It As We Were Built to is How We Take Control.

After 9 years as a Women's Advocate for a non-profit organization & 4 Years as a single, homeless, self-employed mom on a soul mission - I have finally brought the Women's Empowerment | Self Help Brand I have been dreaming of for over a decade.. to Life!

Your Interest in playing some part in it.. Makes my heart so happy.. 

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Get Self Reliant through Self Employment

Work for Me

Join the Revoluation | Support the Cause

Mixing Business with Pleasure

Life is supposed to be about so many amazing things. Wasting your limited & valuable time here working all day at a

job you hate just to afford the cost of
living it as you please..
isn't the only way anymore. 

Jump on the work from home online bandwagon to see for yourself just how possible & rewarding
it is to mix business
& pleasure.

Working for Soul & Herbs

As a Referral Affiliate

Get a special code to use for referring people to my personal branding/ holistic wellness services & select affiliate offers. Earn a flat fee for any client that signs. Best for: Quick Cash Paid: Day of Signing

As a Content Specialist

As a Referral Affiliate - Sign on to take assignments for proofing, editing, & otherwise testing specific content as I publish and/or update. Earn SoulPoints for each completed job & automatically 'cash out' at an equal dollar value with referral earnings payments or at point bank holding cut off. Best for: Pocket Change Paid: Randomly

As a Brand Advocate

Get a special code and all the marketing material, freebie content, & other resources/training you need to run your own heart-centered arm of the Soul & brand as a self employment & holistic wellness peer coach. Earn flat rate Referral Affiliate commission + become eligible to participate in bonuses/incentive programs, position title ranking, & more based on performance, follower list size, and general engagement habits. 3 Position Tiers | Earning Levels Available Best for: Part/Full Time Work Paid: Weekly

Be Your Own Boss

  • No Traditional Sales Tactics Required
  • No Traditional Work Schedule to Follow
  • No Work/Life Balance Disruption

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“Give a woman a fish & feed her for a day - Teach a woman to fish for herself & feed her for a lifetime.”

Adapted Proverb
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