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“Give a woman a fish & feed her for a day - Teach a woman to fish for herself & feed her for a lifetime.”

Adapted Proverb
Soul & Herbs Style

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The Personal Branding Advocate's of are a group of empowered ladies living the new way. Where together, we stand as a group of women for women - Helping eachother reach our full, self reliant potential's through holistic self employment information & referrals that make getting financially stable and able.. Natural.

Our Mission Is to help all women learn how much power they have to live a life that genuinly makes them happy - Simply by taking responsibility for changing the things that don't. 

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The Women's Empowerment Brand

Life's Magic is What Power's All of Us - Learning to Embrace It As We Were Built to is How We Take Control.

After 9 years as a Women's Advocate for a non-profit organization & 4 Years as a single, homeless, self-employed mom on a soul mission - Ashley, has finally brought the Women's Empowerment | Self Help Brand she has been dreaming of for over a decade.. to Life!

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