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Women's Empowerment Programs |


Are you ready for something new Darlin?


Have you decided enough is enough? That something real big has got to change in life?

If you have been feeling like things couldn't possibly get any more off course or messed up than they are right now - That something deeply important is missing in your days and you don't see how to fix it..

Maybe you have been wishing for some kind of magic change it app that swipes away all the things you're tired of dealing with and brings in all the things you're tired of going without.


Well, you have landed in the perfect place then because 4 years ago, I felt the same way about my life and am here today to tell you firsthand.. You can change all of it.

You can truly create and live an entirely new life.

One you freaking love.

A life where you look great, feel great, have great, do great, and be great.. Naturally.  

The best part is, all you have to do is - Be You.. and Own It. 



So.. Why not 

Let Your Queen Out!

Stepping into the title (or attitude rather) of Queen has a fun little way of conjuring up such sexy feelings of strength and confidence.. that if you can allow yourself to genuinely claim it - You instantly become your own super support person.

A woman with the ability to validate and stand up for yourself while you bravely rule the life of your dreams.. No matter what.

| Become Limitless |

If you empower yourself through the choices you make every day, you can expect to experience a boost in the skills, traits, and characteristics necessary for being in full control over all things you.



* Badass Self-Reliance, Independence, & Courage           

* Great Attention to Detail & Appreciation for the Little Things

* Trust in/Understanding of Natural Health & Healing

* Constant Self-Respect, Self-Love, & Self-Acceptance

* Elimination of Drama, Peer Pressure,  & Negative Influences

* Unshakable Confidence, Self-Control, & Determination

and so much more - You quite literally become..

Limitless in Your Ability to Have Everything You Want


| Embrace Personal Power |

No matter who or where you are today, I promise it is possible to cultivate a fiercely unique personality that will support you in creating beautiful changes in all areas of your life.


The regular act of creating change by choice generates a mindset that knows, expects, and thrives on the experience of living with true freedom.


Freedom to believe, feel, think, create, and decide what is right for you. At all times. Under all circumstances.

Once you've truly tasted freedom of that magnitude, there is no going back. 




| Make Yourself a Priority |


Holistic self-care is the concept of personal power brought to life - a daily dedication to treating yourself like you really freaking matter. Like you are the actual, number one and ONLY Queen with power to dictate the details of your life.

Establishing physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness standards that reflect that freedom filled version of yourself opens doors for receiving the most amazing things life has to offer, and arms you with a collection of tools to help handle the worst.




Alchemize Yourself

Teaching yourself how to meet your own needs, be your own best friend, maintain healthy habits, master the art of positive thought, and handcraft a perfectly original life while fine tuning your personality to match - Requires a lot of upfront grunt work and determination.


Set yourself up for success by becoming a Practical Alchemist!

Work with me 1x1 to discover the most straightforward path for building and living your best life, as your best self, in your own way, as quickly as possible.


- Over 4 Coaching Calls -


..Explore the no-bullshit facts about why embracing the concept of mind|body connection and becoming the most authentic version of yourself will give you the power to change the way you go about experiencing life. 


The Practical Alchemy program is designed to take you step by step along the old school path of true self discovery in a modern day way that fits with our new age.


1st Call | Discover the basic principles of happiness, explore the concept of a perfect life, & familiarize  yourself with the holistic self care model that is guaranteed to keep you from settling for anything less.


2nd Call | Discover the basic components of healthy living; How your body is designed to function optimally & what it needs from you to do so. Also, dig into the concept of mind|body connection to learn how the state of your mental, emotional, and spiritual health directly contributes to your physical health and how they all collectively influence every aspect of your life.


3rd Call | Explore the art of metaphysics and learn how to look at, experience, learn from, and live life differently.

Discover the many ways your mindset (attitude + imagination) can be used to turn regular everyday things into self-care tools, practices, and resources that help you cultivate and sustain a powerful new you.


Learn techniques for becoming a pro at maintaining composure, processing emotions, taking responsibility, using self control, and otherwise keeping calm, cool, and collected during the up's and down's of life.


Learn how to take notice of and upgrade your outdated lifestyle patterns into new healthy habits and positive/constructive coping mechanisms that help you overcome fear, self-doubt, anxiety, perfectionism, and other pain generating mindset filters before they ever get a chance to set in. 


Discover the simple beauty in properly leaving the past in the past, forgiving yourself when you make mistakes, walking away from negative situations, saying no when you mean it, and many other gems of independence that will help you use personal power wonderfully.


4th Call | Get ready to transform into the Queen of your dreams by establishing the basic guidelines and other personal requirements you have for building a stable self care foundation that will continue to grow and change over time with you, rather than against you.


Define your long-term physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness goals, break them down into baby steps, blend/prioritize them with your current wellness needs, and strategize a 30-day action plan to help you organize a smooth and productive start to your big year of change.

 * * * Live a Life You Love * * * 


The Pursuit of Happiness, Journey to Self, Path of Enlightenment, and the Stages of Alchemy are some concepts commonly used to explain the process involved in becoming a holistically connected person who has unlocked the secret to living a life they love.


If you are willing to sacrifice, experiment, and learn with great precision today, happiness is a guarantee you will see evidence of in no time at all..


Are you ready to hand select your happily ever after?

Let Your Queen Out!
The Practical Alchemy
Women's Life Betterment Program

The program cost is $555 - Booking fee $155 + $100 per session. Payment Plans/Options Are Available

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