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Heartbreak Recovery 13 Day Challenge || Holistic Dating Tips for Women

holistic heartbreak recovery 13 day challenge
All relationship endings come with their fair share of problems. 
From nasty acts of revenge to super clinger crazy attachment issues and many.. many things in between. 
While the pain, betrayal, shame, and loneliness of lost love can rightfully take the heat for enabling nutty break-up antics.. Obviously, we are each responsible for controlling our own actions and healing the parts of ourselves that have been damaged by pain - Without projecting it on to others or allowing it to wreak havoc in our lives. 
If you have recently found yourself on the single again side of the dating game tracks and are struggling to see how things will ever be okay again or are impatiently waiting for them to be okay right now, hang in there Darlin.
I promise, if you make an intentional effort to recover, rather than wallow - you will get through this in a way that proves loud and clear just how okay you truly are. 
Check out this 13 Day Heartbreak Recovery Challenge for a list of simple ways to holistically and constructively care for yourself through this not so pleasant time.
heartbreak recovery challenge
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13 day heartbreak recovery challenge