Hello Ladies
Holy Wow! I'm so glad you're here! 

The Mission

Empower Women to Take Control

The Soul & Herbs Church of Life aims to provide a safe & comfortable
environment for interpersonal work, ministry study, & community
support to all member's & approved visitors seeking connection with their
Highest Self & God through intentional acts of holistic self care.

The Vision

Leading by example, the Church of Life intends to revolutionize the way humanity understands the open practices of spirituality & self care as God's tools for ongoing personal development & self reliant life betterment.

The church is focused on helping today's believer's walk confidently and holistically hand-in-hand with the one and true God of Creation as the human vessel was intelligently designed to do - So all may feel empowered & capable of forever leaving behind the life of pain associated with living under the rule and subsequent violence of man.

The Approach

A Powerful Woman is Self-Made

Through the Practical Alchemy Ministry Teaching's of Church Director, Ashley Whitney,
Believer's will be guided along the true journey of self discovery to learn how opening their mind, healing
their soul, boosting their spirit, & taking holistic control of their body will give them access to & influence of the
universal energy (spirit of God) that has been promised to God's follower's since the beginning of time. 

Establish Power.soulandherbs.com


Establish Your Power

Study the Word of God | Explore Life with the Spirit/Energy | Grow Comfort
in Your Personal Belief System

Green Tea Leaves


Collect Your Tools

Study God's Follower's | Practice Intentional Holism | Formalize Your Personal Self Supportive Belief System 

Green Tea Leaves


Align Your Living

Live and Peacefully Preach the
Truth of God | Integrate Holism & the Spirit Into Your Lifestyle Habits & Personality | Perfect Manifestation 

The Soul & Herbs Church of Life Believes:

God, the True Creator of All That Is - Is All


The Word of God

Can be found in any & all written, spoken, or otherwise shared advice or stories of miracles, life, & the belief within as Art is the direct manifestation of God's Spirit/The Universe/Energy individualized through humanity.


The Way to God

The directions for living a life in constant alignment with (able to receive/manifest at will) the benefits of God's Spirit/the universe\Energy are written clearly in the formulas of nature's science for any willing to observe & analyze can see.


The Spirit of God

God's Spirit/the Universe/Energy can best be described as the individual part of higher power that is designed specifically for each person's self care and manifestation use during their time on earth. 


The House of God

Can be considered the Metaphysical aspects of each human & the world collectively that cannot be seen by the naked eye which together make up the invisible kingdom of Heaven - As all that is physical, God has given completely & freely to the people already.


The Belief in God

While Christian based, The Soul & Herbs Church of Life is a non-denominational safe place of congregation for like minded practitioner's of Spiritual Holism for life betterment & personal development. 

The Special Life Betterment Program

Living Holistically Well

I'm Hiring Ladies!

Are You Ready to Change Your Life? The Lives of Others?

~ The people crazy enough to think they can change the world.. Are usually the ones that do. ~

   Hi, I'm Ashley - Crazy Person Determined to Change the World..  
   One empowered woman at a time.   

But First - The Support Team

I am looking to invite 6 ladies to join me in bringing my 'Save the World'
plan to life through a ministry school, work study program like no other.  

Going Back to the Basics

There is a spark in each of us that seems to shine bright when we are happy and vanish into the shadows when we are not. That spark can be called God and each person can learn to keep their's from ever dimming too low.. If only first they were shown what they need to know.

I spent a long time fighting my calling to serve God. I tried to wrap it up in other things and hide it there - from myself & others.. So I
could complete the crazy mission from the shadows and cause no disruption to the world at large or to my life itself in the process.

Now that I have came to terms with how impossible that was going to be and just how much I sucked at trying to be small
anyway.. I've gone big. As big as it gets. With God and quite literally no one else at my side - I bring to you.. The Church of Life

Ashley Whitney || Church Director | Minister    text | 209.584.0355    email | info@soulandherbs.com  or  HolisticAsh209@gmail.com    old school mail | PO Box 1824, Valley Springs, CA 95252