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Breaking the Toxic On Again, Off Again Cycle For Good | Holistic Dating Tips for Women

end on and off again relationships

Breaking up is hard to do, love hurts, girls's rule and boys drool.. Relationship woes are a pain point everyone can relate to in some way.

From the excitement and hope of new romance to the resentment filled torture of a ended one and countless build up's, let downs, and 'are you f'ing kidding me's' in between.. Relationships rule our lives. For good and bad.

The things we find ourselves willing to do for love, because of love, and in spite of love are unfathomable.. That means, the embarrassment, rage, and general agony associated with being left - unwanted and forgotten - Like no moments of true love were ever really shared at all.. can be debilitating. 

On again off again relationships are exceptionally hard.. Falling in love, breaking up, trying to move on, getting back together because you can't give up the past and really think it can, hope it will, and need it to work this time.. Then breaking up to start the cycle again.. Just like you knew would happen in the damn first place and now you can't possibly feel any more stupid or hate yourself any more than you do right now..

Until the next time of course. 


As the softer of souls in this world.. We girls have a super hard time deciding to unlove someone when they hurt us.. We are built tough like that and can take a little pain if it helps our peeps. Love is kind, love is accepting, love is understanding. Love is what drives us after all and we aren't stupid.

Because we have already suffered through all that bad, put in all that time, effort, and emotion.. got so wrapped up in, accustomed to, perfectly tailored for, and 100% committed to it - are now 100% lost without it and fully realize just how long that list of people waiting to say 'I told you so' is - on top of the incredibly terrible fact that it will be horrifying to meet someone new that we have to do this with.. All. Over. Again..

Making the choice to be over a long term bad relationship and really stick to it, does not usually feel like a wise choice to make. So.. round and round the cycle we go. No pain, no gain right?

The truth is - love is NOT supposed to be that way Ladies. 




Relationships are hard, because life itself is hard! 

There is a line though. 

An incredibly valuable line. 

Between true love and toxic lust. 

The only thing that sets them apart in your life.. is you. 

The 'you have to love yourself first' cliche people tend to snap as advice to a person wounded by a break up.. Is actually so true it's almost silly.. 

If you believe you are worthy of that fairy tale forever relationship with the best most charming and committed man in the world.. you will never let yourself settle for less than that again. 

No more ignoring red flags, justifying violence, getting trapped in a web of gaslighting confusion, dropping your standards to accommodate immaturity, or changing things about yourself to be 'good enough' for someone else - And absolutely no more staying in a relationship after your soul has told you to get out.

Dying alone as a crazy cat lady sounds way better to a strong, independent, badass woman than wasting her awesome energy on loving a man who does not choose to love her back the same after all. 

Plus.. The world is full of men and there are plenty of fish in the sea.

An empowered woman who knows herself, what she wants in life, how to get it, and that she deserves to have it - Does not want to write off love permanently and is never scared that the bad guy she isn't with.. could have been her only chance at finding it. 




If you have just broken up with your ex, Mr. Wrong and Toxic yet again, I know it hurts, but now is your chance to make it count Darlin.

Rather than let it tear you apart and break you down, use this 13 Day Challenge to spend some time really getting behind the idea of letting it go..
13 day heartbreak recovery challenge


Then use this 3 phase approach for embracing your awesome to teach yourself how to transform the pain into power, establish your self worth, end your cycle of suffering in relationships for good, and naturally set yourself up for finding your real Mr. Right.

embrace your awesome

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