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The Empowerment Program | Practical Alchemy + Soul Business 101 |$1818|

Do you know a special lady (yourself included) who needs a little help putting herself on the right track? 

Getting her financial situation squared away, relationship picker recalibrated,  confidence seriously boosted, attitude positively shifted, healthy habits jumpstarted, or otherwise empowered to take responsibility for creating and living her best, most authentically amazing life as a powerful, self-reliant woman?

As part of Soul & Herb's Fight for Your Life campaign, I invite you to help us save a life!

While October may be Domestic Violence Awareness Month, every day a violence survivor is fighting for her life.

With household/family violence (and 'workplace family' violence) being such a personal, shame/fear inducing, and mostly kept secretly bottled up ordeal that people have been subjected to throughout their lifetime AND taught to accept as normal.. 

Many women feel trapped in bad home and work situations - Long after they realize how deeply it affects every aspect of their personality, health, and happiness but don't know how to get true support that will help them change things. 

Through the Practical Alchemy Life Betterment Program's one on one crash course + The Personal Branding/Soul Business Done-for-You Start Up package.. All ladies enrolled through this' Help Her' offer are given the tools, resources, information, & one on one guidance needed to become financially independent, confident in their self-worth, and 100% capable of taking charge over their lives in any way they need. 

The past we have lived may be directly responsible for who & what we are today - But we can choose to change any part of it going forward, at any time.. All it takes is the right mindset, set of instructions for success, and ability/willingness to adapt. 

The Soul & Women's emPOWERment Support Package is an all-in-one/one of-a-kind way you can help her show herself that she is her own, number 1 best solution. Take a peek at the whole package outline here.


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