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Use Household Items to Decorate Like A Witch and Inspire Self Care || Holistic Living and Natural Health for the DIY Witch

home items for the self care diy witch ||

Elemental symbolism is not the only way people have been hiding magic out in the open all this time.

Saying that magic is hidden gives the illusion that it is being kept secret so others cannot use it when in all reality, it’s totally not that kind of hidden.

Magic is simply a mindset that allows you to look beyond the surface of things to find the deeper (hidden) meaning. Like a fun game in a different language that only those playing understand or even notice.

When you put the filter of magic over the lens you view life through, the truth deep below the lie and the peace behind the chaos become visible and accessible.

You get to make things fun. You get to be in control of the way you see things and that means you can see whatever you want.

Yay magic!

When regular everyday things are transformed into special signal transmitters and receivers, they become secret code communication devices with the universe.

What an awesome way to see a boring old household item huh.

From a practical perspective, after you put in the witchy imagination work to program or set up an object with your intention to attract good juju, then anytime you use or catch a glimpse of it later, you subconsciously remind yourself of all that magic and it reinforces the intended vibe.

The law of attraction and witchcraft are all about repetition and sending out vibes that match what you want to manifest after all.

Here are some ideas about using regular household items in magical ways that turn them into props of self care.


Clocks | Not only does time move differently for everyone, but it heals things and changes things too. Time is abstract in that way and just such a magical thing. That makes clocks that display it a super witchy thing as far as I'm concerned. Plus, without a clock how could we practice 11:11 wish magic?

Use clocks to symbolize time in spells for speeding things up or slowing them down. Charm a clock to send out special messages to the universe at certain times or to spritz you with relaxing vibes when you check the time in a white rabbit kinda stressed out fashion.


Calendars | Calendars are another form of time magic. You can keep track of personal things and you can even plan out spells and rituals based on the days of the week, zodiac cycle, moon cycle, seasons, or numbers easily too if that's your thing.

You can get a calendar with some kind of mystical, magical, inspirational pictures or messages on it too and they will be extra witchy.


Bells | Bells have been used in magic for a very long time and make great props.

You can use them to activate and end spells or to grab the attention of higher powers when requesting assistance or giving thanks.

Enchant a doorbell for protection to ensure only the good energy gets through and the bad is scared away when it rings.


Brooms || Witches flying on brooms is a stereotypical joke that has been around for a very long time. But modern day witches do not fly on brooms, they clean with them.

An enchanted or spelled witch broom is a fantastic way to sprinkle some magic around your home. They can rid negative energy and spread positive energy just by giving a little sweep of the ground or air.


Keys | Keys can be used to represent magic in many ways. We must unlock many things to use magic after all.

Spell your car key to turn on a protection shield when it starts the engine for safe travels or your house key to turn on a blast of stress reduction vibes when you walk through your door.

You can fiddle with a charmed key while you think on a problem to help unlock the best possible solution too.


Knots | Knots are a representation of magical things and a very big witchy deal. They symbolize connection, strength, and stability. When you take responsibility of yourself, you can weave the life of your dreams into being after all.

Kind of like a sigil, knots can hold a lot of energy in them.

A spell knot is tied to keep something in place. You can hold energy in it that is constantly radiating out good juju or that is building it up to use later. When a knot is released, so is the magic - Either to undo a spell entirely or to release the built up power for something specific.

You can make something of many knots or just one and it will still have awesome power in it.

If you do things like crochet or make jewelry, you are using knot magic by default. Putting magical intent behind the crafts while you're working on them will amp it up even more.

Enchant a wicker basket to be a charging station for props or spell a small rope that you carry around with you to collect your troubles throughout the day - then undo the knots before bed to let them go. 


Magnets | The fact that our feet are stuck to the ground is a real big deal and so is attracting the things we want to us while repelling the things we don't. Magnets are a great way to represent both and make an awesome prop because of it.

Spell a fridge magnet to draw in healing vibes that effortlessly soak into the food inside or spell it into a button that with a touch, instantly brings an aspect of your being back to you if it’s wondered a little too far from home.  


Mirrors | Whether you want to mirror, mirror on the wall spell some stuff or check your hair and make-up, mirrors are a great thing to have around.

Self-love is a real big deal in magic and looking at yourself in a mirror is a good way to judge your level of it. If you can look yourself in the eye with a genuine smile on your face, it’s probably safe to say you’re loving yourself pretty well.  

Most schools of new age magical thought use the mirror as a representation of your inner-self. The things you notice in the outside world are simply a reflection of the things you consciously and subconsciously focus on the most inside yourself. Good or bad.   

If you can get into the mindset that life is always reflecting back at you, you can make changes and take actions that increase your magic in awesome ways.

An enchanted mirror can help you look at yourself a bit closer to assist you in self-reflection practices and pump up your self-esteem in heat of an important moment.


Mugs | Potions in the new age are typically called tea or coffee and the mugs they are served in can make great witchy props.

You can get a mug that represents just about anything in the world by choosing a specific color, picture, or inspirational quote that fits your magical needs.

Charm a mug to infuse healing juju into anything that fills it up or to send a kiss to the universe when lips touch its rim.


Umbrellas | Having an umbrella handy in the pouring down rain can be a total life saver. No one wants to be soaking wet during the worlds longest and most boring meeting after all. They would have nothing but time to ignore the speaker and focus on their squishy socks and freezing cold limbs.

Emotions can distract and annoy us in the same kind of way.

Spell an umbrella to roll other people’s bad vibes right around you without ever having to touch you, or for controlling your emotions in a healthy way so you do not get unnecessarily drenched by them.


Wands | A witchy wand is a well known fairy tale prop of magic. The idea behind it is that a wand becomes an extension of a witches power. It is used to aim and direct energy for more precise spellwork.

Any pointing object (stick, finger, pen, etc.) can be charged with personal or elemental power and turned into a wand.

Use a wand to draw sigils in the air, bipity bopity boo an energy shield around you, or light up your path to an important destination.


This is not by any means an all inclusive list of magical everyday objects or how to use them.  

Magic really can be made out of anything you wish and has limitless potential for being a fun way to create mindset shifts and happy vibes that help you live your life in holistic self care diy witchy kind of way. 

Just keep looking beyond the surface and watch how fast your perspective on life can change for the better.  


Interested in using symbolism to turn even more regular everyday things into witchy props for magic? You may like some of the books that helped me build my understanding and use of spiritual practice for self care. You can check them out on amazon and get a pretty good idea if they are something you will personally benefit from or not. 


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home items for the self care diy witch ||
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