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Turn Herbal DIY Crafts and Self Care Practices into Herbalism Magic || Holistic Living and Natural Health for the Herbalist Witch

turn herbal diy crafts and self care practices into herbalism magic ||

When you make the choice to grow as a person by way of spiritual magical things, you reach a point where you realize you must find ways to turn regular everyday routines and situations into practical uses and manifestations of magic in order to keep your mind in a positive place.

Magic is after all a frame of mind. When your mindset is tuned in to the frequency/vibe/station of magical miracles you allow so much more happiness and freedom into your view.

A simple way to to do that is by embracing the power of herbal diy crafts and self care practices. 

It's not a secret that humanity has been using herbs, spices, flowers, plants, and produce in medicinal and spiritual ways since the beginning of time. The secret though, seems to be why. What makes plants so special?

Plants are actually made up of the same things we are!

Our magical bodies are run by a collection of teeny tiny invisible cells that are constantly producing and using chemicals like coded messages to communicate with each other and repair/maintain optimal health.

What a damn magical coincidence it is that nature just so happens to grow those chemicals for us in it’s beautiful vegetation.

The cellular make-up of plants is said to blend so well with our own that by eating, smelling, and absorbing them, we can get those codes into our system where they basically act like all-knowing override messages that assist our mind, body, soul, and spirit in reaching full being balance in a whole slew of ways.

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Turning that naturally magical fact into a conscious practice of modern day self care witchery can just be so much fun.

| The Energy In Plants |

Plants in fresh, dried, and essential oil form are used as magical props in spiritual practices to represent, extract, and attract many different types of energy based on their chemical make-ups, medicinal benefits, scents, colors, popular uses, and more.

Just like other props, once you consciously choose to tap into a plant’s energy, you can use it to send vibes to the universe that represent or reflect the vibes you wish to bring into your situation.

To super power your prop, you only need a couple seconds to do a witchy woo ritual where you hold the plant in your hand, say some heartfelt words about the additional energy you wish to infuse in it or natural energy you wish to extract from it, and imagine something magical happening to it.

Then, when your charged up prop is used as an ingredient in a recipe, self-care ritual, diy project, energy healing meditation, or some other kind of magical art, that intended energy is easily infused in the final outcome.

Here are some associations/representations for a few common plants used to practice self care inspired herbalism magic.


Chamomile || Self-Control, Personal Power, Abundance, Balance, & Connection with Self

Jasmine || Healing, Beauty, Romance, & Peace

Lavender || Connection with Spirit, Healing, Abundance, Clarity, & Wisdom | Associated with Crown Chakra

Rose || Love, Beauty, Romance, Healing, & Wealth

Herbs & Spices

Basil || Healing, Wealth, Power, Clarity, Protection, Loyalty, & Love

Cardamom || Love, Intimacy, Charm, Romance, Protection, & Strength | Associated with Sacral Chakra

Cinnamon || Safety, Power, Speed, Protection, Purification, & Spiritual Connection

Clove || Love, Money, Purification, Luck, Strength, Protection, Truth, & Friendship/Connection with Others | Associated with Root Chakra

Ginger || Healing, Protection, Empowerment, Speed, Power, & Strength | Associated with Solar Plexus Chakra

Parsley || Healing, Strength, Protection, & Communication.

Rosemary || Protection, Beauty, Clarity, Charm, Luck, Loyalty, Purification, Understanding, & Wisdom | Associated with Brow Chakra

Thyme || Healing, Purification, Strength, Bravery, Courage, Beauty, Protection, Communication, & Wealth


Green Tea || Peace, Healing, Purification, Protection, Understanding, & Compassion | Associated with Heart Chakra

Rooibos Tea || Protection, Strength, Beauty, Empowerment, Courage, & Power

Earl Gray Tea || Courage, Beauty, Strength, Confidence, Healing, Clarity, Protection, Truth, & Self-Acceptance | Associated with Throat Chakra 


| Making Magic With Plants |

Once it makes spiritual sense how much herbalism magic can awesomely impact your vibes, you will naturally start discovering all the practical ways you can use that to your witchy mindset shifting, desire manifesting, personal wellness maintaining advantage.

Here are some ideas to help you easily get started incorporating the magic of herbal remedies into your everyday life.


Eat Them || Eating fresh and dried fruit, veggies, herbs, and other plants is the most popular natural way to get essential vitamins and nutrients into your system. They are part of a balanced meal for a reason of course.

When preparing your regular food, use plants that represent specific energies you wish to feel after you eat it and easily infuse those vibes into your dish.


Drink Them || Plants and related garden foods of all kinds can be steeped in hot water to make a tea, and tea is a warm and cozy way to go about stealing a couple magical minutes to just be with yourself.

Enchant a cup of earl gray tea to help you realize the truth about just how awesome you are during a self-reflection meditation.

Spell a tea made with plants that have romance and charm related energies to boost your vibes before a special date.


Soak With Them || The spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional benefits of taking a relaxing bath have been utilized for generations.

Water holds many magical properties and associations all on it’s own, so adding flower power to the mix can transform a simple self-care routine into a full body healing potion.

Add a few drops of essential oils related to specific chakras into your bath water to boost your energy center.

Hang a tea bag of wisdom and clarity related plants over the faucet while water fills your tub to encourage creative solutions to an issue you are ready to take care of.


Decorate With Them || Dried and fresh plants sure have a special way of brightening up a room and lifting spirits. Even floral print decor (in moderation that is) can make you feel comfy in it’s presence.

Keep a bowl or jar of potpourri on display in a common room used for entertaining - Include plants with energy signals for charm, confidence, friendship and peace to encourage the vibes of the gathering stay high.

Enchant a rose patterned pillow to release love energy anytime a head rests on it.


Grow Them || Gardens are very popular and beautiful plant magic. Always maintained with so much precision and soul. Growing your own magical plants not only gives you access to ingredients when you need them, but ensures good vibes are easily flowing to and from your space.

Charm plants growing by your door that have personal power related energies like confidence, strength, and empowerment to blast you with those vibes anytime you walk out to face the world.

Spell plants growing along a property line that have protection related energies to create a safety field around your home.


Scent With Them || The smell of plants is known to have a huge impact on a person’s mood. That means, simply taking a second to ‘smell the roses’ holds a lot of merit and can do wonders for your mental and emotional states.

Spell a perfume made of plants that have luck related energies to boost your good vibes and tip the chances in your favor while you wear it.


Spell With Them || Old fashioned witchcraft is real famous for it’s use of herbs as vital ingredients for spellwork. There is no reason why modern day magic can’t include them too.

Sprinkle herbs and spices on your alter as you work spells to add an extra kick of power to your intention.

Turn a tea making routine into a cauldron filling potion spell by carefully choosing herbs with properties that match your desired outcome and tossing them in boiling water one at a time like the standard hollywood depiction of the old days.


Craft With Them || Making little herbal goodies is a blast because you get to add symbolism, spell work, and flower power to a mixed media kind of craft project where there are no rules, only limitless possibilities.

Make things like spell bottles, potpourri, tinctures, gifts, sachets, offering stones, salves, and teas with plants related to any kind of good juju you are feeling in the moment or intend to feel later. Then use the finished goodie as a new prop of it’s own.


To live in prime health, we must have a body that sends, receives, and uses proper chemical messages to maintain function. We must also have balanced emotions, enough energy to take care of business, and a clear mind to understand and make choices with.

If plants have the ability to help us with all of those things, then adding them into our life for those benefits seems to be the exact (not so secret after all) reason why they have been in our history for so long.

By adding them into your days, you are sure to always be giving your self care diy witchy mindset a super boost that helps keep magic in your view constantly.

**Be aware that plants, just like food, can cause severe allergic reaction. They can even interfere with medication and have a negative effect on certain medical conditions. It's a super good idea to know the state of your physical health and talk to a medical professional before adding plants to your daily routines.


To discover all the magical ways herbal diy self care practices can impact your wellbeing check out my | Herbalism Wellness Resources | page for a recommended reading list of books/resources that helped me embrace my own inner self care diy herbalist witch.
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turn herbal diy crafts and self care into herbalism magic ||

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