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Alchemy, Rising as the Phoenix, and Tarot are spiritual based concepts 100% related to the personal transformation process of becoming your best, most authentic self through the complete dismantling of the socially conditioned you and deliberate rebuilding of the healed and badass true you. 

The goal is to become so incredibly healthy, independent, and confident that no amount of peer pressure, catastrophe, or bad vibes can ever bully you into making choices that give your mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual control over to someone or something other than yourself. 

When you can validate your own choices, handle your own situations, experience your own emotions, find your own answers/solutions, and lift your own spirits - You have all your power. 

You are then equipped with the tools, wisdom, and mindset, required for shaping and molding your life to your satisfaction as needed forever after.  


be yourself | Alone Time || soulandherbs.comLearning how to become that whole and complete true version of yourself starts with taking time to spend alone actually getting to know yourself - Figuring out what old needs to be let go of, what new needs to be acquired, and exactly how you want to grow and change in order to make it all happen.  

Here is a mega list of situations, chores, habits, routines, hobbies, and daily responsibilities a simple mindset shift can transform into constructive moments of 'me time' that benefit all aspects of your being and give you many opportunities to build a better relationship with yourself.

Use the time to relax, examine/organize your thoughts, realize your triggers, plan your changes, experience your pleasures, or anything else personal growth and self-love related that benefits you in the moment when you need it. 


| Write/Journal | 
Get Your Thoughts & Feelings Out

Write a Story

Generate Affirmations/Quotes

Log Manifestations


| Arts/Crafts |



Mixed Media Art


Make DIY Home Decor/Gifts


| Embrace Nature | 

Sight See

Sun/Moon Bathe

Play with/Watch Animals

Garden || Plant, Pull Weeds, Decorate, Harvest, Relax/Nature Watch, Stroll ||

Take Pictures - grab your smart device and pretend you know what you're doing. Just snap pictures of the things that interest you in the moment. Try taking pictures from different angles, in different light, or other perspective shifting manner for the metaphysical fun of it. 


| Games |
Video Games

Card Games

Board Games

Cell Phone Games

Trivia Games 


| Puzzles |
Word Searches




| Research | Google, Pinterest, Amazon, & Youtube  are super popular information filled websites of wonder. Teach yourself anything you want to know || find new hobbies, interests, goals, crafts, hacks, solutions, & fun facts ||


| Organize |






| Clean |
Laundry || wash, dry, fold, put away ||

Floors || sweep, mop, vacuum ||

Bathrooms || floors, sinks, counters, toilets, showers/baths, mirrors ||

Dusting || surfaces, decor, picture frames, books ||

Kitchen || sink, floor, counters, dishes, stovetop/burner trays, microwave ||

Bedroom || floor, dusting, bedding ||

Deep Clean || baseboards, vents, appliances/electronics, furniture, cabinet doors, ceiling fans, walls, windows, blinds ||


| Cook/Bake |
Meal Plan

Grocery Shop

Weekly Prep & Freeze

Purge Old/Outdated Food

Cook/Bake from Scratch


| Sleep | 

Go to Bed Early

Wake Up Late


| Meditate | 
Self-care practices that require a person to momentarily take extreme control over and/or tap into their mind is a form of meditation. 

Relaxation Techniques

Emotional Control


Manifestation Exercises

Listening to Your Intuition 


| Visualize |
Self-care practices that rely heavily on a person's ability to use creative imagination is a form of visualization. 
Energy Work

Psychic Development

Law of Attraction

Emotional Healing



| Pamper Yourself |
Get a Massage, Facial, Pedicure

Take a Fancy Bath || light candles, play music, use bath salt teas/bubbles, etc. ||

Eat a Special Meal || buy or make your most favorite food, try something new/popular, order the dessert, etc. || 

Get Dressed Up || wear the sexy - outfit, make up, shoes, bling, jacket, etc. ||

Groom Yourself || deep condition/cut/style your hair, trim/paint your nails, handle your eyebrows, shave your other parts, take a long shower ||

Drink a Cozy Beverage || tea, coffee, hot chocolate, cider, cocktail, wine || 

Get Yourself a Gift

Plan a Dream Trip/Party

Take Yourself on a Date || Netflix and chill, candle lit dinner, picnic in the park, day trip/outing, dinner and a movie, tea party ||


| Exercise |
Practice Yoga/Stretching

Do a Pilates Workout

Run on a Treadmill


Jump Rope

Hula Hoop

Ride a Bike

Take a Walk/Jog


| Entertain Yourself |
Listen to Something || music, audio books, podcasts ||

Watch Something || movies, tv shows, internet videos, documentaries/educational films ||

Read Something || fiction, non-fiction, self-help, magazines, newspapers, blogs ||


| Be Financially Responsible |
While money can be a stress causing topic attached to many other stressful topics, organizing, tracking, & understanding your financial situation can also reduce a ton of stress in the right circumstance as well || Bookkeeping, Filing, Paying Bills, & Household Shopping || has a way of making us feel like we are walking on clouds when the numbers look good and organized.


Not enough money in your available budget to reduce stress by paying bills? Try putting focus on making more of it rather than noticing less of it.

Start a Side Hustle || do things you are good at for people who do not/can not do it for themselves, provide services, sell something ||

Profit from a Hobby || sell a finished product, give lessons/teach ||

Start a Home/Internet Based Business || blog, shop, services, marketing ||

Sell Old/Unused Stuff || ebay, consignment shops, yard sales ||


Do You Have Kids?

| SuperMom Cooking/Baking | Put extra effort into the food you make for your little ones. It's surprisingly easy to free-hand mold & cut a lot of food into love filled shapes - Hearts, Peace Signs, Flowers, & Initials are my favorites. Try it with things like Fruit, Vegetables, Pancakes, Cookies, Sandwiches, & Cheese. 

Not into the free-hand shapes? Use cookie cutters - or just lay out food on their plates in fun shapes. 


| SuperMom Game Making | 

Treasure/Scavenger Hunts


Cootie Catchers


| SuperMom Writing | 
Write love letters to your kids and save them until they are older

Keep track of your favorite stories about being a mom 

Generate affirmations for your kids


| SuperMom Gifting | 
Put together or make little gifts that show the kiddos you were thinking about them

Themed Goodie Bags || movie night, back to school, fidget fun, gamer love, favorite character, mind boost, road trip, stuff they need, etc. ||

Art & Craft DIY Kits || canvas painting, mixed media art, build and paint birdhouse, wreath/ornament, jewelry, etc. ||

Homemade Cards/Love Notes || for lunch boxes/backpacks, pillows, fridge/snack cabinet, bathroom mirror, etc. || 


**You can do these supermom things and others on this list with the kids too. Spending time alone is important for getting to know yourself and to be able to practice authentic self care - but if you are a parent.. Your Mini-Me is a priority over you in a lot of healthy cases. 

Not only do they need your undivided, happy, loving attention and guidance regularly for their own holistic health, but they are also a hand built reflection of you and really getting to know your babies is a great way to really get to know yourself as well. 


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