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The 2019 Harvest Moon is on Friday the 13th || Self Care Ideas for Women || Holistic Living and Natural Health

Ashley Whitney

 harvest moon 13th

The Harvest Moon

This September 2019's full moon lands on Friday the 13th. That's DOUBLE the metaphysical magic! 

Easily Use that Energy as a Holistic Self Care tool by imagining concepts related to each aspect of this special day in a way that best fits the current circumstances of your life.

The Fall Season is associated with Change, Family, & Generosity.

The Harvest is symbolic of hard work paying off in time to get prepared for the winter ahead.

The Moon is spiritually associated with Women, Emotions, & the Cycles in life

The Full Moon represents a time to give it all you've got, Take a leap of faith, & Celebrate all the courageous effort it took to do so.

Friday the 13th Represents Natural Feminine Power, Love, Synchronicity, & Superstition.


| Ideas for Using the Day's Symbolism to Take Care of Yourself |

Spend some time in self reflection mode on Friday & honestly take a look at the changes you have been working on this year. Give yourself credit for your efforts, take a chance on that potentially awesome thing you've been working up courage to do, & make a plan for what's next.

Use journal prompts, oracle and/or tarot cards, meditation techniques, pros and cons lists, goal setting sessions, brain dumps, visualizations, or any other method of introspective self care you are comfortable thinking deeply and honest with.

Use Netflix, Youtube, Pinterest, and your favorite books or other entertainment and peer resources to inspire you to reach for gold as you plan the way to finish out this year in order to start 2020 with a bang. 

Then, you can use all that pumped up, take on the world steam you generated to make brave, discerning choices for getting those scary things that have been holding you back or stressing you out lately completely out of your way. 

Don't forget to physically pat yourself on the back, clap it out, do a happy dance, or some other atta girl action to help your mind, body, soul, and spirit all feel the appreciation and love equally. 


| Ideas for Using Symbolism to Make the Day Metaphysically Fun |

Add a magical blast to your self care efforts by encouraging your synchronicity mindset to make wishes, watch for universal signs, heed freaky omens, & generally make the most fun out of the day as you can.

Ask the invisible world for big and little things. Wish on candles, fallen eyelashes, dandelions, 11:11.. Shooting stars. (That would be so much metaphysical magic in one day. I hope many of us get that chance.)

Pay attention to things like animal spirit guides, circumstances that happen in three's, songs you keep hearing, chakra color themes you keep seeing, and any other cosmic/divine messages you can possibly tap into. 

Just Google it.

Anything that catches your |extra Friday the 13th Full Moon aware| attention throughout the day can be looked up online in a quick second where you can find a metaphysical, spiritual, folklore, superstitious, or some other kind of metaphorical meaning for the situation, synchronicity, or omen you just experienced.

Then you can use those ideas to keep your mind being one with the magic and, at the same time, you will naturally be engaging in a day of total holistic self care.  


| Ideas for Ending the Day With Love |

End your night with a comforting self love routine or ritual that encourages a great nights sleep.

Sleep is essential for wellness and where a lot of magic happens. Try priming yourself to make the absolute most of this day's special energy in your dreamtime world too by doing anything you can to eliminate all traces of chaos from your mind and life just before bed. 

**No Excuses**

It's just for one special night.. on a party able Friday non the less.. Plan around family obligations and night owl insomniac, out of control worried thinking fits.

Put the kids to bed early.. |let them have a sleepover with a grandparent :)|, set everything up for the morning.. It's not a school day so that should make things easier, respond to emails and texts, ask the questions you've had on your mind, and finish the left over tasks you will bug yourself about all night.. to the best of your logical, magic day, easy flowing Friday brain ability.. and then commit to an actual 'you time' event. 

Say at 9 o' clock - Unless you have an animal or child that screams in death pains.. nothing in or about the external world is gonna harsh your vibes for the next hour.

Leave your phone in a room as far away from you as you can get and put it on silent just to be safe.. Just for one magical night ladies. If you haven't learned the beautiful value of technology balance yet.. this will be an awesome practice to show you about it. 


Spend your 'Me Time' taking a fancy candle/twinkle light bath, drinking your favorite warming beverage, making art, Listening to girl music |Stevie Nicks, Alanis Morissette, Taylor Swift, etc|, balancing your chakras, crying out energy blocks, reciting affirmations, admiring your naked body in a mirror |even if you just snorted out loud at that thought|, & practicing manifestation, subconscious programming, soul chatting, and/or any other 'thoughts make things' exercises you can tap into your higher power with. 

Fall asleep during the energy work portion of your routine or ritual session to encourage tons of stress free sleep magic. 

Maybe you can have and vividly remember a dream chat with someone extra special, lucid dream like an inception pro - or wake up with tons of happy feel good energy, multiple perfectly life changing ideas, and enough super charged spunk to take action on them. 


Have fun everyone! Happy Full Moon Friday the 13th!

september 2019 full harvest moon friday the 13th

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