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Over time, the amazing peeps of humanity’s past have collected a huge assortment of wonderfully helpful information about living life to the fullest.. and thanks to the 21st century’s awesome technological advancements, we have access to a whole lot of it.

Most scientific concepts and social standards we live by today in these modern times are really just evolved and updated versions of old world beliefs and traditions for attracting miracles and good luck, staying healthy, and living life happily to the best of a person’s abilities.

It appears that society has never had the same kind of scientific understanding about life as we do today (or they did but lost it somewhere along the way) which means the leaders and teachers of our past had to explain away oddities, patterns, and the general working of things to their people in a manner of faith - belief and trust in the invisible.

Even with all of our new age upgrades and ultimate collection of data, we still have a lot of things we can’t firmly answer about this life, the past, or the future. 

That means, the invisible unknown is still something we really should be finding faithful ways to embrace.

People tend to feel like science and religion are opposite of each other, and that in order to believe in one, you must renounce the other. To make it even better, practicing magic/spirituality is generally believed to be for religious rebels who chose the dark side or mentally unsound quacks who refuse to recognize scientific fact.

Those generalizations could not be further from the truth.

A modern day witch knows that magic, science, and religion are all one in the same at different degrees of observance, understanding, explanation, and use.

The scientific movement that started oh so long ago with some kind of intention to prove away religious doctrine has come so damn far now that it inadvertently brought old school magic back into this modern world with a vengeance!

Now we can practice spiritual witchy things by individually crafted and regulated faith with science-backed proof in it’s validity.

Yay magic!


| How Soul & Herbs Can Help You Find Magic |

While the spiritual journey of magic is not something that ever ends, there is a point along the path where it transforms from a frantic quest for truth into a mellow practice of truth.

You continue to learn, grow, and change as you go, but the constant, fundamental root facts of magic are programmed into your being so deeply that you no longer question them.

When you no longer question the foundation of your magic, you are then in complete control of adjusting your daily spiritual practice to match your current interests, attitude, needs, and level of understanding without ever risking the health of your belief system or sanity.

I believe the wisdom of spirituality is the glue of happiness and that in order to thrive in life, you must be happy.. which means you must become spiritual.

My goal is to help brave and awesome women find the answers they need about magic to get from the truth searching to truth practicing part of their spiritual journey as smoothly as possible.

If you are interested in bringing magic into your life and keeping it there, here are a few of the ways I’ve set up Soul & Herbs to help you do just that.

To see what magic looks like from my perspective, you can..

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Check out my Resource Recommendation List to see some of my favorite books & props that helped shape my beliefs and practices based on the author’s understanding and use of magic.

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Follow me on Pinterest where my boards have tons of blog posts, quotes, resource recommendations, and other witchy things from other awesome peeps who have helped me shape my craft based on their own understanding and practice of magic.


Storybooks, movies, tv shows, songs, information articles, self-help education, available mentors, helpful peers, and other resources are everywhere, in every genre, with every style, and from countless perspectives and time periods.. each holding keys to the truth about using spiritual power to better your life.

All you have to do is look for it.  

Google and youtube are great places to find information about all things related to religion, science, spirituality, and magic too. A lot of people are even blending the concepts together in their own way and sharing it to inspire others to do the same as well.  

That means, there is no shortage of information out there and if you really want to learn magical things - you most certainly will.  


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