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Use Symbolism to Decorate Like A Witch and Inspire Self Care || Holistic Living and Natural Health for the DIY Witch

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Deciding to embrace your inner witch and make your life magical is a very personal thing that takes some serious guts and dedication.

While open spirituality is the most thorough and all-inclusive personal development focused path of holistic living and natural health, it still comes with a load of baggage and misconceptions that make it seem secretive and silly.

For generations, people have been hiding self care tools, personal transformation directions, and inspirational messages in plain sight specifically to keep the illusion of magical secrets alive for the outsiders while allowing freedom of expression and support for those in the know. 

When everything around you is a reminder that magic is indeed everywhere, personal control over yourself (your mindset, perspective, attitude) and connection to whatever higher power you believe in is always there for you.

Tap into the magic of hidden meanings by turning everyday objects and home decor into your own personal arsenal of witchy props that easily double as holistic self care tools. 

While you do not actually need props to practice magic, they are super engaging and a whole lot of fun, so my thought is.. Why not use them.

| How Do Props Work? |

Thanks to spirituality’s love of symbolism and invisible energy, everything (and I mean everything) has been deemed to hold certain energetic properties (vibes) that are associated with things like healing, confidence, love, prosperity, good luck, and oh so much more.

That energy is believed to radiate out of stuff constantly like some kind of homing signal by default.

Based on the universal law of like attracts like (the law of attraction), that signal constantly streaming out specific properties is also constantly drawing those same properties back to it.

Therefor, If you look at props in a metaphysical sense as energy antennas, transmitters, or some other kind of earthly thing that can be programmed to receive in and send out specific invisible signals then you can totally use that to your magic practicing witchy advantage.

By keeping many magical objects around that represent different aspects of the things you are trying to manifest, you are easily increasing the energy you send out intentionally to receive it back.

Incorporate as many symbolic things as you like into your daily routines, decor themes, and other areas of life to proudly show the universe how much you love magic and manifest your dreams like a badass, personal power and development focused, modern day, good vibing witch.

| Tips About Props |

If you want to actively work with props for the fun of them and take their abilities up a notch, you can send extra properties to them with spells, charms, and enchantments that super power up their signals and help send out all your intended vibes with more oomph.

You can also create a regular witchy routine or ritual around powering them up by imagining they are like a piece of technology that needs to be recharged when the battery runs low.


Your imagination really is the limit when it comes to using earthly objects to make magic. Different people believe and practice different things but all of it works in some way or another.. at least for them.

Keep trying new things and changing your mind about what works for you as many times as you need until you find something that fits your style. 

Once you get the hang of using vibes to attract earthly things and can easily associate physical manifestation to spiritual concepts, you can also use props as a way to notice and translate mystical messages and omens too.


If you are the kind of modern day witch who thinks props are a little too fru fru or a newer dabbler of the craft who isn’t even sure that magic exists, it might help to look at the act of making magic with props from a more realistic perspective before you go any further.

When you really think about it, the witches and other magic practicing people of the past who have handed down their superstitions, traditions, and beliefs were more than likely exactly the same as us.

Just regular everyday Joe’s just trying to make life a little more bearable with what they had available to them at the time.

Belief that there was a power bigger than them watching and listening to everything from an invisible world connected to their own and communicating in a secret language of imagination, metaphors, and symbolism - was (and still is) a real simple and practical way to go about that.


I honestly think practical, modern day witchy magic can be made out of everything. Check out the categories below to get some ideas for using symbolism to transform your regular home decor items, daily necessities, and more into props of self care magic. 

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