Self Care 101: Herbal Tools for Personal Wellness || Holistic Living and Natural Health

self care 101: herbal tools for holistic living and natural health ||

If you have recently decided it's time to make some changes in your life AND are starting to fully grasp the fact that the only damn thing in this entire world you can actually control the changing of.. is yourself - Then you are probably in the perfect place! 

Holistic and natural self care is the concept of personal power brought to life. The ability to embrace having control over all things you and rocking it specifically so you can live in a life you freaking love. A life where you look great, feel great, and be great.. naturally.  

Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health all play a part in the satisfaction you feel in life. Every choice you make directly effects one or more of those areas.

Living a self care lifestyle means you get to know the real you well enough to ensure you are always making choices that positively affect all aspects of your health.

That of course allows for the best version of you to live the best version of your life. 

Tada! Happiness.  


Creating automatic choices (habits, routines, coping/defense mechanisms, etc.) that reflect the best version of you requires some grit and dedication. Collecting tools and techniques to help you during all stages of that creative project is a 'make it or break it' kind of important. 

Herbal remedies are one of my favorite self-care tools because they come in so many different forms, have awesome wellness benefits, and can be used in countless ways that make blending them into regular life easy peasy.

Because the modern day world is all about organic (nature-made) efficiency and simplicity, plant based essential oils are gaining much deserved self-care popularity. 

They are highly concentrated liquids extracted from plant parts that contain each plant's specific organic chemical properties - much like human blood carries each person's complete and unique dna.

Human cells can translate those plant chemicals into codes that allow the body to address it's needs from the root in ways synthetic (man-made) chemicals just cannot be programmed to do yet. 

By incorporating non-toxic essential oils into healthy habits & routines, you can easily address nearly 80% of your wellness priorities right at home - Making the transition into holistic living engaging, exciting, and totally worth it.

That's where I believe dōTERRA comes in. 


dōTERRA is revolutionizing the way people are taking control of improving their lives by empowering them to easily take action on supporting all aspects of their being | mind, body, soul, & spirit | during the journey to achieving optimal wellness & beyond.

I was introduced to dōTERRA by a friend who knew I loved the power of plants for self-care and thought I might like to learn about their liquid power version too. She was totally right.. The idea of essential oils stole my heart instantly. 

I am a completely introverted mix of believer and skeptic so I needed to research the concept on my own - without talking to a brand biased friend of a friend or attending a sales party with a group of strangers. 

I spent months researching oils from as many different sources as I could find and they seemed to fit wonderfully with what I already knew to be true of plants, nutrition, and other health boosting modalities so I was totally willing to give them a try. 

When I started my research into the most trusted brand to use, dōTERRA was at the top of everyone's list. So I went back to where my oil journey started without the mlm skepticism and focused solely on the wellness related facts instead. 

Well, here we are.. and now I am that brand biased friend of a friend wishing I could share the power of dōTERRA Essential Oils with everyone determined to take better care of themselves.  

Funny how that works out huh. 


Interested in learning more about why holistic living and natural health is so important, how powerful essential oils are, which areas of your own health could use some quality attention, or if living the dōTERRA way if right for you?

I created a resource guide full of the dōTERRA information that helped me answers those same questions for myself and I am confident that other introverted self care believing skeptics can find their answers inside of them as well. 

Get the guide to evaluate your wellness needs, discover tips and tricks for easily making your health a priority, and learn how essential oils can give an extra boost of power to the way you care for yourself. Download the guide here

Sorry Peeps! The guide needs to be updated.. Contact me and I will get you what you need easy peasy. 

self care 101: herbal tools for holistic living and natural health ||
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