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intro to self care | holistic living and natural health ||

Herbalism, meditation, and other natural healing concepts are starting to lose their reputation of being woo-woo practices only beneficial to eccentric types in exchange for becoming a recommended go-to wellness boosting solution suitable for all. 

People are starting to learn that chemistry is the reason their green tea habits, obsessions with fresh flowers, and use of special herbs & spices in the kitchen are naturally doubling as acts of self care.. and they are getting on board with the idea quickly. 

Better understanding of energy and the power of perspective has made the metaphysical/spiritual side of life equally as easy and beneficial to get on board with as acts of self care too.

The plant kingdom and the invisible world has been respected and praised for their ability to help people feel better in many situations for as long as humans have been telling stories and now that we know why, it's become easier than ever to use that to our individual wellness advantage. 


| Taking Care of Yourself is Natural |

Seeing a doctor may be the only legal way to get medical advice and/or diagnose, prevent, treat, and cure disease in the united states - But that does not mean people have zero responsibility in taking care of their own health in regular everyday ways otherwise.  

Aches and pains, colds, allergies, skin problems, hygiene, and general systematic body functions are all non-emergency health matters doctors and other professionals have decided humanity can safely and easily handle on their own as a part of general personal wellness. 

Governmental and other regulatory agencies have made sure that the general public has access to safety facts, recommended use guidelines, best practices, ingredient lists, and many other bits of information people need to make informed decisions for self regulating nutritional, environmental, fitness, and other personal wellness related health as well. 

So you see, self care is not actually a millennial, tree hugging, new age thing at all! It's just the way people live.  


| Choosing Healthy |

The human body is made to do amazing things that keep it alive - But lifestyle choices and countless other threats effect it's ability to maintain spunk. Without spunk.. well, it does less awesome stuff. 

The concept behind holistic self care is that you can use the powers of imagination, rational thought, self-control, and plant based resources to take super responsible care of your body in a way that encourages it to be/stay spunky. 

That means you live a clean lifestyle where in every situation |within your reasonable control|, you are constantly choosing what you let inside your body - nature made vs lab made, positive vibes vs negative vibes, etc. 

When an issue arises, holistic self care goes far beyond covering up annoying symptoms with temporary lab made fixes and dives deep into naturally supporting/boosting the body system or function capable of resolving the problem on it's own.

Spiritually speaking, all health related issues a person ends up with (genetic and lifestyle based) are caused by metaphysical imbalance. By working to heal issues holistically from each aspect of a person's being | mind, body, soul, and spirit | getting to the root of a problem takes on a whole different meaning. 

Learning about your health from both the perspectives of mainstream medical science and spirituality based natural science is said to be the way to unlock the secrets of life. 


Science and medical professionals do not understand everything about human health and do not accept spirituality or herbalism as medicine, but they do agree unanimously that people have the wildly powerful ability to perceive the details of their life experience in a completely different way than the reality seen by others...

We can make up/fabricate/pretend stuff about our health well enough to make it real - at least to ourselves.     

With the medical field being so overrun with time management, insurance, and political issues making it less accessible and effective - Holistic self care is quickly becoming a must have feel good |non mind altering drug related| survival tool for everyone. 

If the simple goal of self care is to help yourself feel better (in non-life threatening situations where a doctor is not necessary of course) and plant based clean living is so beneficial for good health - Then why not use natural herbal remedies and other holistic wellness practices to help your mind perceive the way you experience your health as magnificent? 

If you practice the law of attraction, energy work, psychic development, or some other form of magically creating happiness - Then you will recognize that perception game with it's props and exercises all too well.

If you do not practice any form of manifestation.. I promise you, you want to be.


Your body is the one and only single thing in this world that is absolutely yours - inside and out. Therefor, I stand firmly in my belief that people can benefit in life changing ways simply by deciding to take better care of what's theirs to call the shots about. 

Understanding the difference between medical care and personal wellness is the single most important aspect of taking honest and responsible care of yourself. 

Knowing how to determine if a health annoyance moves beyond the scope of self care and into the territory of professional care can be the difference between life and death after all. 

Natural healing It is not about proving you are tough and unconventional or faithful and giving your well-being over to an invisible force.

It's not even about never partaking in unhealthy things..

It's about living in harmony with all parts of yourself by treating your internal and external body like it genuinely matters to you so that it can have it's best shot at working in the perfectly healthy way it's biologically built to.  


| Self Care Resources |

Knowledge is power. 

Before you can take care of yourself in life changing ways, you must know how to safely do so. While energy work, managing lifestyle habits, choosing organic, and most other self care actions have little to no risk of accidental harm - some do. 

Herbs specifically. 

So educate yourself about all aspects of wellness from the advice of professionals and experience of peers (friends, family, bloggers, lifestyle coaches, and people helpers) to make sure you have as much information to sort through, choose from, and safely experiment with as possible when deciding what healthy is for you. 


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