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Use The Elements to Decorate Like A Witch and Inspire Self Care || Holistic Living and Natural Health for the DIY Witch

Elemental Self Care DIY Witch Props || 

Spiritual practice looks on the surface to be about higher powers and how they assist you during your journey of life on earth, but it is also about much more than that.

Magic of course, always has a deeper meaning than what you can see at first sight after all.

Spirituality is actually more about learning and using your own inner power rather than having an omnipotent outer power do something for you.

Yes, the universe outside is still important and awesome but the universe inside of you is the only thing you actually have any control over. The only thing you can truly influence at will.

While vibing with the unseen is fun and useful, the real reason behind the practice is to vibe with yourself. To get to know and control the elements of your being in order to evolve your perspective from one that keeps you down into one that holds you up.

The elements are an extension of the unseen and have been used for generations to symbolize the aspects of inner power - Mind, Spirit, Soul, and Body.

Here are some ideas for using elemental decor props to remind yourself how much power you have inside and how connected you are to the power around you while living the self care diy witch life.


Air || Mind

If you look at just a couple similarities between the element of air and the power of mind, it’s super easy to understand why they are used to represent each other.

Air is invisible, powerful, and vital for life. Mind is also invisible, powerful, and vital for life. Now how about that.

Because we cannot physically hold mind (or air for that matter) in our hands while practicing magic, using other objects that represent both are helpful sometimes.

Anything that has to do with the air and sky (birds, planes, feathers, flags, chimes, balloons, clouds, etc.) can essentially be used in place of or to represent the powers of mind and air.

When you are working a spell or manifestation for something that requires a boost of concentration, memory, problem solving, imagination, psychic ability, or other mind related specialties - use a representation of air to attract it into your situation.


Fans | Wind might just be one of the best representation of air and mind there is. We can feel it’s invisible power effortlessly after all.

Since we still can’t hold the wind or control earth’s weather to call in a tornado at will, a fan is a real logical alternative prop for magic.

Fans can be used to send intentions to the universe and shift energy.

Run a fan while researching something to ‘clear the air’ for better concentration.  


Stars | Thoughts are the reason our minds have so much power. They come in all different sizes and intensities - Even when we do not notice them, they are there.. Exactly like the stars that fill the sky.

Stars are a great prop of mind magic and the shape is super easy to find in all kinds of everyday objects.  

Spell glow in the dark ceiling stars to collect clear memory of your dreamtime adventures to better decode the messages from them when you wake up.


Fire || Spirit

Anything related to fire, heat, and light are an awesome way to represent the power of spirit. Spirit is where our magic comes from. It is our power, our energy, our invisible awesomeness after all.

When you are working a spell or manifestation for something that requires spiritual intervention or a boost of strength, courage, speed, energy, healing, or purification - use a representation of fire to send out that vibe and attract it into your situation.  


Candles | Not only are candles the perfect way to safely hold the element of fire in your hands, but they are super witchy by nature too. They are extremely versatile and can represent much more than only fire.

You can get scented candles that represent desired properties of herbs, spices, and flowers, or colored ones that represent specific chakra power.

Burning candles can be used to activate spells, shift energy, and make a great focal point for meditation and visualization exercises too.

Traditional candles do release toxic chemicals when burned though, so if you plan to light the wick rather than use it only as decoration, it’s a good idea to make sure it is a safe alternative like beeswax or organic soy.

You could also make your own at home to ensure they are safe and hold the exact properties or energies you want for specific spells.


Salt Lamps | True and natural salt lamps are said to have some super healing and air purifying properties and their pretty glow is a perfect representation of fire which make them a great prop for magic.

Use them in exchange for candles in spells or as beacons for healing vibes.


Twinkle Lights | There's just something about little twinkly lights that feels oh so magical and they are a great way to represent fire.

Hang them in your office to keep your energy boosted while working or in your bedroom to encourage strong sleep healing while you are sick.


The Sun | The most common spiritual representation of fire and spirit is of course, the sun. The big ball of super bright and hot power in the sky that controls the light of day.

The sun can be used to make magic in tons of ways with tons of representations and associations which makes it a badass witchy prop.

Use the sun to charge your props and chakras or manifest with it’s zodiac cycle.

Walk through a sunbeam to give yourself a boost of courage or to pump up your energy for something important. 


Water || Soul

Anything related to water (rain, fish, tears, etc.) can represent soul power. Our emotions honestly act so much like water that the symbolism just could not be more fitting.

Just think about all that sloshing around and constant flowing that can cause just as much destruction as beauty, like emotions. Not to mention the fact that being soaked with water changes your appearance and attitude a hell of a lot like being soaked with emotions does too.  

When you are working a spell or manifestation for something that requires a boost of love, healing, empathy, intuition, or some other soul power - use a representation of water to attract it into your situation.


Fountains | A great way to let emotion flow is to meditate by running water. Since most of us don't have a way to let water run at home without turning our sacred spaces into indoor swimming pools, tabletop and garden fountains are a good middle ground and a great witchy prop.

Spell a fountain into a wishing well or charm it to pull hidden emotions you to the surface for proper processing.


Vases/Jars | Anything that can typically hold water or other liquid can be used to represent the element of water.

You can fill them with potpourri or other magical things and call them spell bottles or leave them empty and charm them to collect specific vibes.


Tears | The most natural representation of water and soul is easily tears. They are activated by emotion and have an insane amount of power.

We already know that is true based on the way turning on the water works has a way of really freaking people out and also getting people exactly what they want.. Sometimes even way more than they ever expected.

Enchant tears to send an emergency request to the universe for a blast of love when they fall.

Decorate with raindrop related prints or shapes to easily represent the power of tears. 


The Moon | A common spiritual representation of soul and water is the moon. Not only does it affect the ocean’s tide, but it totally brings out the cray cray emotions in people and even allows the werewolves to shape shift!

Use the moonlight to charge props or your chakras, manifest a desire with it’s lunar cycle, or chat with it about your deepest feelings like it’s your best friend.


Earth || Body

The earth is where our physical bodies are essentially trapped. Other aspects of our being can and do leave this world frequently, but our bodies of course can do no such thing.

The earth is a collection of so freaking many things in one just like our bodies, which make them perfect ways to represent each other.

Anything related to nature (trees, dirt, rocks, leaves, sticks, sand, etc.) is a simple way to represent earth and body power.

When you are working a spell or manifestation for something that requires a boost of nourishment, growth, healing, or creativity - use a representation of earth to attract that life power into your situation.


Stones/Gems | Some magical teachings believe that stones are not of earth, but rather for earth. A form of higher spirit sent here from other worlds as part of the building blocks used to create and balance the energies we need to sustain life and all of it’s beauty.

Use them as props to tap into their energy for balancing and magnifying your own.

Find them in nature or buy them from the store, but either way they are a beautiful representation of the earth element.

Charm stones to collect and hold specific energy for safe keeping until needed or charge props, spells, and your chakras with them.

Enchant a statue of stones to be a beacon for attracting material things or charm a rock pathway to guide you down the right path.


Plants | A super standard representation of earth is a plant. They are not only abundant in this world but their roots grow into the ground and keep them stuck here just like us.

They are also made up of the same chemicals and require the same elements for survival as we do. 

What a perfect representation of earth and body. 

Use plants to increase the energy of spells and communicate with your chakras. 


States of Being

In magic, everything is always connected.

Here are a few common themes that are used to drive that point home by symbolizing the grouping of inside and outside elements into the whole.

Finding decor and other everyday items related to them is pretty easy which makes using them as some form of witchy prop a piece of cake.


Direction | The four directions ( North, South, East, West - Up, Down, Right, Left) can be found in many mystical, magical, ancient teachings as a way of representing the elements.

There is not a completely agreed upon order for which element corresponds to which direction because different practices believe different things. I think that works out just fine though because it totally gives you an easy way to justify creating your own set of correspondences for them that are personal to you.


Seasons | Exactly like directions, the four seasons (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter) of time have been used to represent the elements with no definite correspondence to each as well.


Card Suits | It’s believed that the standard deck of playing cards we know today were actually created as a way to hide tarot cards from those who believed the magical practice was evil.

The suits correspond with the elements based on the idea of tarot cards being a map to full being connection.

Mind - Swords/Spades | Body - Coins/Diamonds | Soul - Cups/Hearts | Spirit - Wands/Clubs


The universe does have a knack for delivering us exactly what we asked for in the most beautiful and unexpected of ways, but if you work with your own power and the universe simultaneously.. You are nearly unstoppable in your ability to manifest your desires. Big and small.

Challenge yourself to find the elemental connection to as many things as possible in your day to day life and have a blast expanding your witchy vision. 


Check out part 3 of this self care diy witch series with my next post | Use Household Items to Decorate Like A Witch | to find more ways to spiritually inspire holistic self care. 


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