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Change Your Life With Magic || Benefits of Spiritual Living

change your life with spiritual self care ||

Look, life is really freaking hard sometimes. Not even magic loving hippie witches can deny that with a straight face.

Everyone reaches a time (or few) in their lives when happiness just feels impossible. Like no matter what you say or do, life is just destined to keep kicking your ass.

When you take a second to really look around at that situation and see the dark and twisty reality of just how messed up it truly is, how completely responsible you are for it.. and how totally alone you are in it’s darkness, you activate what can only be called personal magic.

That is a defining moment in your life when you must decide if you are finally going to take control of the things within your power to change and move in the direction of happiness or if you will ignore the opportunity for transformation and continue to suffer with things as they are.

When you choose to make the changes, you tap into that activated personal magic and are some kind of instantly connected to your spiritual side. The part of you that recognizes a life reboot will require the assistance of something bigger than this world visibly offers.

That side of you then sets out to find higher power and takes charge of making it available to you in any way you need.

If you continue to put in the personal work on your life and stay in step with your spirit, your magic will grow as you do.

Soon enough, you will realize you have been using the magic of your personal power to handpick all the elements of a completely new and improved life.

A freaking great life that you totally love.. Because you carefully built it from scratch, exactly to your satisfaction - with magic. Of course it would have to be all kinds of great!


Assistance in making dreams come true is a fantastic reason to use magic by choice, but there are also some subtle ways that a belief in magic changes your life by default as well. 

Your general outlook on things naturally shifts and molds to match your current level of personal enlightenment and at any given time, that perspective is regulating the way you experience day to day life.

Allow the natural benefits of spiritual living to shape your perspective from the background to keep your personal power boosted while putting in the grunt work required to create a leveled up life.


Benefits of Living a Magical Life

Purpose || The practice of magic is centered around a person’s ability to mature, create, love, and enjoy the simple and complex aspects of life while they set and reach all kinds of goals that lead them to greatness.

If you can embrace that idea, you can go from waking up to face another ‘Groundhog Day’ of misery, to waking up ready and excited to learn, build, feel, and do super great stuff that is helping make your dreams come true.

That mindset shift alone can quite literally save your life.

Joy, exploration, fulfillment, accomplishment, and pride are all required aspects of confident independence - giving yourself something worthy of striving for sets you up perfectly for collecting strength in those areas of life too.

Once you have a reason to stay alive, you become alive.


Appreciation of Nature || Getting back to our roots is a big pull for choosing to live a life of magic. While everyone knows our physical bodies are stuck to this earth, most do not appreciate that reality for the wonder it holds.

Choosing to embrace magic means you will learn a lot about the planet - how it functions, what it offers for your life, and how to respect it on a deep level. Along with that, comes a sincere love of nature’s rhythms, creatures, medicines, and beauty too of course.

Once you realize you are a genuine part of nature, you’re life becomes valuable and precious.


Health & Wellness || Living a life of magic is a straight shot to better health and wellness. Your body is your temple - made up of bits and pieces of the beautiful earth you are stuck to after all.

In order to use magic properly, you must take extremely serious care of all the aspects of your being that work together to make up your body.

That means you eat better food, reduce stress, create boundaries, openly explore emotions, and generally put a lot of continuous effort into making yourself feel a strong and healthy kind of confident good - inside and out.

Once you are feeling good in your body, you become enthusiastic about experiencing life.    


Connection || Believing in magic in the most basic sense is about trusting in your connection to something awesome. Many awesome things actually.   

The universe at large is available for you to connect and bond with in countless ways which in turn helps you see how truly in-sync and similar you actually are to everything and everyone else around you.

Understanding commonality with the outside world nicely pushes you to discover the importance of connecting with the individuality of your inside world too and that connection to self is where your personal power really comes from.

Once you can embrace your uniqueness and sameness together, you become unstoppable.


Wisdom || Spirituality is a collection of highly evolved theories, habits, and simple truths that are all scattered around and hidden amongst the mundane and necessary facts of life - just waiting for the social rebels to come searching for it.

The journey of magic is about finding that outrageously valuable information and studying it to better understand yourself, your life, and the world around you.

Once you learn how to constructively put that golden information to use, you become limitless.


If you have come to a point in your life where the option to create change has presented itself and you are interested in using magic to make the most out of the situation -  it’s time to make a super big decision..

Do you want to practice that magic by the title of Witch?

When most people hear the word witch, they typically think of two things - evil and defiant women with no morals or bat shit crazy cat lady women with no grasp on reality.

They do not usually think of a person in possession of characteristics, passions, skills, and wisdom that all blend perfectly together as ingredients for ultimate self-made happiness.

But do you?

Can you look beyond the surface of gossip, fear, and jealousy to see that a witch is a woman wielding her personal power in the most beautifully strong and life changing natural ways available to her?

 being a witch is awesome ||

Benefits of Being a Modern Day Witch

Magic is the byproduct of training your mind, body, soul, and spirit to function at full scientific capacity - which then enables you to create beautiful changes that lead you to the experience of true freedom.

Freedom to believe, live, feel, think, create, and choose what feels right to you. At all times. Under all circumstances.

A witch uses that freedom to be the exact person she wants to be, living the exact happy life she wants to be living.

Some benefits of that lifestyle include:
* Badass Self-Reliance
* Balanced Analytic and Creative Thought
* Genuine Dedication to Spiritual Practice
* Appreciation for the Simple Things
* Trust in Natural Health and Healing
* Constant Self-Respect
* Complete Elimination of Drama
* Unshakable Confidence
* Spot on Intuition
* Non-Stop Personal Growth
* Mindfully Chosen Experience
* Comfortable Emotional Expression
And so, so much more.

Being a witch that practices magic is not exactly the kind of big and flashy or quick and effortless tv and story magic tend to leave people hoping for, but it is still real damn awesome. 

A life dedicated to being the best version of yourself opens doors for receiving the best things life has to offer and arms you with a collection of tools to help you handle the worst.


There is no denying that the path of witchy magic is not for everyone - But in the same sense, there is no denying that it is so totally and completely perfect for some.   


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If you are feeling the call of magic, then do yourself a huge favor and don’t hold back from it. Modern day magic is not a practice of wrong doing - it is an all inclusive path of actual awesome!

If you go about learning magic with the intention of accomplishing outstanding personal development rather than desperately attempting to wield instant gratification power, you will hold the keys to life in your hands and be able to unlock the secrets to happiness - which totally includes nearly instant gratification power by the way.  

Are you ready to embrace your inner-witch and learn how to use magic to change your life?

Check out my next magical post Decorate Like a Witch to see a few ways to go about doing that.
decorate like a witch


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