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Welcome to the Soul & Herbs Blog. 

A place where natural healing, holistic wellness, herbal remedies, spiritual practice, & empowered individuality transforms regular everyday experiences into personal development focused, happiness building acts of self care. 

With a beautiful mix of modern day science and old school spirituality - I believe everyone can access tools and resources to teach themselves exactly how to become genuinely happy people living hand-designed happy lives that match.

I want to help the brave peeps interested in taking responsibility for that happiness find all the inspiration, encouragement, and information they need to make creating a new lifestyle as easy as possible.  


Start here with || Self Care 101: What is Self Care to see why taking care of yourself is so important for creating happiness.
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Looking for some witch magic boosted self care?

Check out my posts that focus on the spiritual/metaphysical side of self care rather than the physical. Start here with | Teach Yourself Magic | to discover simple ways of bringing magic into your life. 
teach yoursel magic - become a self care diy witch ||


You can also find all kinds of information about holistic living, herbalism, energy work, and other magic inspired self care on my Pinterest.


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