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Am I A Witch || 8 Common Traits Of A Witch

Ashley Whitney

am i a witch

If you are asking ‘Am I a witch?’ - I feel completely comfortable saying to you right off the bat, that you are definitely a witch.

Generally speaking, people will not ask a question like that if they want the answer to be ‘no’ which means they hope the answer is ‘yes’ and anyone that hopes they are a witch can totally be a witch.

Just saying.

So now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s go a little deeper.

| Why Would Anyone Want To Be A Witch Anyway? |

We all have things we want to acquire in this life and big ideas about how to get them.

Real happiness, more money, stronger love, better health, true self-acceptance, and actual freedom are fairly common core desires/ambitions.

Unfortunately, we are all subjected to a lot of criticism and b.s. that makes it nearly impossible to talk ourselves into actually reaching for them.

Even if we do decide to make radical life changes and grow as a person when no one supports our choice to do so, we tend to really need a higher power to believe in that can help us along the path - but higher powers are also shrouded in criticism and b.s.

So how’s a motivated and determined person supposed to change things under those painful and confusing circumstances!

Well, they can tap into their personal power and let their witch out of course.

| Embracing Magic |

Stepping into the title of Witch has a fun little way of conjuring up feelings of such sexy strength and confidence that once you own it, you can become your own super support person.

You can learn to believe in, validate, and stand up for yourself while you make your dreams come true - In spite of any hecklers, naysayers, and wild obstacles.

Somewhere between the old stories of ancient miracles and the new stories of hollywood glam magic, there is a real kind of invisible energy (higher power) we as humans have the ability to tap into and use here on earth to help us do just that.  

That energy cultivates powerful skills, great wisdom, and fierce determination that honestly does give us the unlimited ability to build and maintain our own actual happiness.

While witches have customarily been painted in a negative light, they were still always thought to be powerful and wise. People feared and praised them for the things they could do after all.

A witch is really just a spiritually and self-evolved badass who learns to live in sync with the invisible. A person with deep understanding of what it means to live with responsibility for their own power. A person who practices magical living.

Magic is a spiritual based way of creating change inside yourself that naturally changes the world around you because of how you see, understand, and respond to things with a new found awareness and perspective.

It’s all about mindset.

A mindset built with magic not only ensures you have the capability to create some changes in life, but that you can actually create all those very specific things you’ve been wishing for too - Money, Love, Health, Self-Acceptance, Freedom, etc. and it’s available to anyone brave enough to work for it.


common traits of a witch

8 Common Traits Of A Witch

If being a witch is about building a certain kind of mindset then there are not really any specific signs that make one person a witch and another one not.

Building that mindset is a choice though so if you can relate to any of these simple everyday things, it’s a pretty safe bet your mind is already set up in a way that will allow for easier magical thinking.


You Love Magical Things || Did you grow up loving the witches and other practitioners of magic from your favorite stories? Do you wear dark clothes, cool jewelry, and tend to decorate your life with things that are generally associated with the tv witches you watch and love today?  

Maybe you collect awesome things, craft a bunch of stuff, have a huge library of books, make food and wellness products from scratch, practice yoga, check your horoscope everyday, love tarot cards, and make wishes on dandelions and shooting stars.

Ghosts, vampires, psychic powers, omens, superstition, and other freaky supernatural things may even pump you up and tickle your fancy.

The world is full of so many beautiful, wild things and some of us are just drawn to them.

Loving magical things is a common trait of a witch.


You Are An Outcast || Have you always felt like an outsider? The person usually found standing alone, being referred to as weird, crazy, or quirky? Do you believe in things others do not or tend to take the path least traveled in life and irritate people by doing things in a different way than they suggest?

Some of us just can’t follow the crowd.

Being misunderstood is uncomfortable and stressful but being accepted for something not actually true for us is impossible to maintain. When we try it turns out poorly in some fashion or another and we’d rather take the chance on ourselves anyhow, no matter the cost.

Being the black sheep is a common trait of a witch.


You Question Everything || Were you a ‘but why?’ kid growing up and never really shook the habit? Do you get the stink eye from others a lot because you won’t just sit down and shut up?

Society is full of information and contradiction to all of it. While it is often discouraged and troublesome to question things too much, some of us just have to know.

We have to understand the who, what, when, where, and why of things or else we can't let go of the feeling that something is missing.

Making choices about what is right and wrong in order to create beliefs and take actions just cannot logically be done without the right information, therefor, we will find it.

Truth seeking is a common trait of a witch.


You Feel Deeply || Do you think of yourself as an introvert because spending  time alone feels so peaceful and safe? Do you get picked on or walked over because you can’t help but wear your feelings on your sleeve and take things too  personally for others to understand?

Do you get scared and embarrassed for others or have deep desires to right the wrongs that hurt them?

Empathy is the ability to walk in someone else’s shoes and feel the things they feel as if they were your own shoes and your own feelings. It is a way of relating to things even if you have never personally experienced the exact same situation before.

Being empathetic taps you directly into the physical, psychological, and emotional energy of yourself along with other people and things without your consciousness even realizing it. 

Being highly sensitive is a common trait of a witch.


You Are Kind Of Hippie || Are you into holistic medicine, drinking tea, or gardening? Maybe you love animals, listening to a crazy rain storm, walking barefoot, or talking to the moon.

We as humans are built by bits of nature and those of us living hand in hand with our inner hippies feel at peace when we are engaged with it.

The amount of love related to nature comes in a huge range of feelings, actions, and ambitions. Whether you like to climb trees, lay out in the sun, recycle your garbage, or save endangered species - doing your part to care for and enjoy the earth just comes extra naturally to some.

Being a nature lover is a common trait of a witch.


You Have An Awesome Mind || Did you play with imaginary friends as a kid? Do you have a wildly vivid memory that seems to remember things in perfect playback? Maybe you have wild night time dreams you easily remember the details of when you wake up.

The part of our being that lives in the dream world (our mind) is much more important than most people think. It knows all the stuff ya know!

Some of us get the awesomeness of our mind and use it to our advantage. We learn stuff on purpose, use creative thought to figure things out, and embrace our inner nerds without shame.

Having a super mind is a common trait of a witch.


You Notice The Little Things || Do you find yourself noticing things others do not? Appreciating the things others do not? Do you pay attention to body language or connect the dots between unspoken words and actions?

Do you know when decor is moved, the neighbor gets home off schedule, or exactly how your best friend takes their coffee?

Maybe you simply say a lot of please and thank you’s, hold the door for others, or genuinely love when you can make people smile.

In a world full of big and mighty things, being a person who has an eye for the little things is sometimes treated as a silly quirk but it’s actually a special gift not everyone utilizes. You have to be very observant and aware to notice the little things.

Paying close attention to detail is a common trait of a witch.  


You Want To Be A Real Witch || Honestly, if you have that nagging feeling inside of you that tells you magic is real and you want to be a real badass witch that uses it - that’s really the only sign you need to prove to yourself you are a witch.

A witch is not just an imaginary character in a story meant to entertain or scare people. A witch is just a regular ol’ real person who believes in big things, plays to her strengths, listens to her hunches, and deals with real life in a way that makes her feel good and empowered rather than weak and victimized.

Being badass is a common trait of a witch.


Since we already established I think anyone reading this post has a witch inside trying to get out, I’m gonna go ahead and assume you could relate to a thing or two on this list.


The only thing you have left to do now is embrace it.




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