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5 ways to get happy

I write a lot about magically creating happiness on this blog because, well.. being happy is important to me and becoming one with my spiritual side is how I took my own power back from the world so I could feel enough courage to create it for myself. 

I have been an incredibly sad person for the majority of my life and the peer counseling job I kept for almost a decade proved loud and clear that I was not the only one. 

Pain is something we all know well. Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual pain comes in many forms, leaves many scars, and has a direct hand in creating the monsters we become. 

The modern day way is all about changing that fate though and taking responsibility for generating your own happiness rather than wallowing away in the misery collected in life so far.  


In order to build a new life, you must first build a new you. If you are going to put in the work required to change something with that much depth, you may as well do it right and make it awesome. 

Personal development/growth, enlightenment, raised consciousness, & spiritual evolution/awakening are just a few of the popular concepts used to explain the never-ending lifestyle choice of constantly becoming your best self in order to live your best life. 

Summed up, they all point to one extremely simple fact...


 choose healthy find happy 

Your Body is Your Temple

The only real way to get happy proves over and over again to be through the conscious choice of treating your body like the most important thing in all existence.. because to you right now - IT FREAKING IS!

No matter what spiritual and scientific beliefs you hold about life after death on earth, at this point in time when a person's body completely dies here, absolutely nothing brings it back.

That says a lot about the importance of living life to the fullest while you're here and takes you right back to making sure your body is healthy and capable of doing all that living. 

In order to have a truly healthy body you must also have a healthy mind, soul, and spirit too. Learning how each part of yourself contributes individually and collectively to your personality and life as a whole is the one and only way to learn what it means to choose healthy for you. 

When all 4 aspects of your being are in sync, you essentially become limitless in taking responsible control over your life - Fully alive and free to create things specifically to your liking, while naturally keeping the things you dislike from taking over and causing unmanageable pain again. 


Based on a combination of modern day scientific fact, spiritual theory, and accumulated understanding of historical cultures, beliefs, and lifestyle habits, it is said that humans are capable of more than they realize and if those potentials are tapped into, genuine self-reliant happiness is guaranteed. 

These are the top 5 not so secret, secret tools humanity has been using quite literally forever to help brave souls tackle the process of reaching awesome potentials and getting happy by choosing to take genuine self care of their bodies - Inside and out.


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Herbalism is Powerful || Be Natural

The versatile benefits of using herbs, spices, flowers, and other plant parts as ingredients for natural remedies and homemade specialties is a practice that has always been utilized for wellness support.

By blending plants into the regular self-care actions and personal moments you already take part in everyday, you can embrace the old school way of naturally maintaining health and wellness using the power of plants to support your body through chemical based holistic self-care.


Self-Care Resources for Herbalists

Natural Holistic Self-Care with Essential Oils || Download My PDF Guide Here

Herbalism Wellness Resources || See My Recommendations List Here

The Herbal Academy Blog || Explore Articles Here

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| Inspirational Entertainment | 
The Good Witch || Hallmark tv show about a widowed mom raising a daughter, finding love, and running multiple businesses - helping people find their happy. She is a perfect herbalist. Her cousin is a main character that owns a flower shop too. You can watch it on Netflix.  

Private Practice || Medical show about a group of doctors working together in a wellness center - complete with Pete, the herbalist & holistic health doctor. You can watch it on Hulu. 

Practical Magic || Movie about 2 sisters working together to clean up a magical mess - One of the sisters owns a botanical shop.. and herbal witchcraft is a family thing throughout the movie. 


Your Chakra System Explains It All || Be Aligned

The spiritual practice of chakra work is the perfect way to practice self-care because it is essentially an ancient map that connects all important physical aspects of your life to the non-physical aspects of your body that create it. 

By understanding the concept behind aligning your non-visible energy centers, you can use it to guide you along every twist and turn of life while supporting your body through lifestyle and personality based holistic self-care.


Self-Care Resources for Energy Workers

The Chakra System Overview || Read My Blog Post Here 

Chakra Wellness Tools & Resources || See My Recommendations Here 

| Inspirational Entertainment | 
Girlfriend's Guide to Divorce || TV show about a group of single women, raising kids, running small businesses, and finding love - Phoebe is pretty damn awesome hippy woo-woo main character who openly embraces energy work. You can watch it on Netflix.   


Alone Time is Valuable || Be an Introvert

An introvert is a person who likes spending time alone. Not a person who is too scared, shy, or otherwise incapable of spending time with others, but one who genuinely understands and feels the benefit of having the freedom to be who they are in peace. 

The company you keep has a great effect on the health and wellness of all aspects of your being and makes supporting your body through social influence based holistic self-care very important. 

Because you do not have the power to change or control anything but yourself - Learning how to love being alone is the most valuable weapon you have for protecting/controlling your social environment. 


Self-Care Resources for Introverts

55+ Productive Alone Time Activities || Read my Blog Post Here

| Inspirational Entertainment | 
The Umbrella Academy || Netflix Original tv show about a group of super brothers and sisters trying to save the world - Most of the siblings are pretty introverted.  

House || Medical TV show about a doctor with a bad attitude who solves wild cases - He may just be the greatest tv introvert around. 

Person of Interest || TV show about a team of people who work with a super computer to save the world - They are all classic introverts. You can watch it on Netflix. 


Self-Employment is Freedom || Be Your Own Boss

Finding a way to generate your own income allows you complete control over many important aspects of life that directly contribute to your holistic health in countless ways.

The job you keep determines everything from the way you manage your time to the quality of household products and food you regularly shop for, and so many moral, emotional, and physical situations/issues in between.

Having the power to make money around the health of your life rather than attempt to handle the health of your life around making money is a lifestyle mindset shift that can change everything in your life - but is only truly possible when you are your own boss. 


Self-Care Resources for Entrepreneurs  

The internet is full of resources that can help you decide how to go about taking charge of your financial power.

As long as you are prepared to put in some serious elbow grease without giving up when the going gets tough - You will build the perfect business for you personally and can support your body through financial independence based holistic self-care. 

Need some inspiration and/or motivation to kick start this 'make your own money' thing? I stumbled across this book |The Secret of Selling Anything| right at the beginning of my own wild self-employment journey and I loved the boost of encouragement I got from reading it, maybe you will too. 

| Inspirational Entertainment | 
Girl Boss || Netflix Original tv show about a 20 something girl who starts her own business.  

Weeds || TV show about a family of small business minded criminals. You can watch it on netflix.



Imagination Creates Everything || Be One with Your Mind

Psychic abilities may sound like an over the top woo-woo concept, but the ability to notice, direct, create, understand, and explain your thoughts is the most real life available power a person can possibly tap into and there's no need to even go supernatural with the concept to make it true. 

Support your body through mental clarity/perspective based holistic self-care to ensure you are always inspired and encouraged to make healthy choices that benefit all aspects of your being for your highest good. 


Self-Care Resources for Creative Thinkers

Exploring spiritually based thought control or wisdom building practices will give you many.. many ways to become one with your mind. | mindfulness, meditation, dream interpretation, metaphysical symbolism, the law of attraction, subconscious programming, & energy work | 

|Courageous Dreaming| is a book that does a fantastic job at explaining the fact that you always have the choice to use the imaginative power of your mind to get healthy, happy living to manifest for you.

| Inspirational Entertainment | 

Limitless || TV show (based on a the movie) about a guy who takes a secret drug that allows him access to more of his mind than generally available. You can watch both the show and movie on Netflix. 

The 4400 || TV show about people learning to live with their genetically natural special abilities. You can watch it on Netflix.


The pursuit of happiness through the journey to self is a pain reduction/management practice that has been around since the beginning of time for very good reason.

My goal is to inspire as many people as I can to save themselves from pain through the journey as well - because I sincerely believe it can be done and that it is the most valuable creative project anyone could possibly take part in. 

I believe it, because I am my own living proof of it's validity.

The amount of happy and personal strength I have control over now vs the amount of pain and hopelessness I felt had control over me before my journey began makes every second of this forever on-going wild adventure worth it.  

No - My life is not yet the version of happy I set out on this journey to create and I am not the regular embodiment of my highest most healthy and best self yet either.

Some days I even loose my shit and revert back to the old super unhealthy me in a scary quick second.. Which means my journey is still a bit messy but I'm not ashamed of that either. 

I have zero doubt in my mind that this crazy time I have taken out of my late 20's and early 30's to become my own hero - a woman I respect, love, trust, and can count on always - has not only paid off in short term ways already but will continue to benefit me for as long as I get to stay alive in small and large ways alike. 

I don't expect anyone to just take my word for it though. 

Check out the resources in this post and find other resources from everywhere else you possibly can to build your own conclusions about getting happy by getting healthy. 

It's extremely important ya know. 


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