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You’re Not Broken | 3 Steps to Embrace Your Awesome

Ashley Whitney

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 embrace your awesome

When life breaks you down.. What are you supposed to do about it?

How do you go about being a good person in a bad world? A tough person in an even tougher world?

Better yet.. How do you keep from letting it all turn you to stone or shatter you like glass?

Do you continue to pick yourself up day after day and struggle with the trouble of being alive.. Putting on your best smile, ignoring your deepest aches, neglecting your most important responsibilities, and continuing to do over and beyond for others who could not possibly care any less about doing the same for you?



When you are just looking for love, but end up in the same toxic relationships with the same bad guys, treating you in the same bad ways, playing you with the same false promises, fake affection, and dirty dating games that land you feeling embarrassed, enraged, alone, and broken.. Again.

When you are just trying to put food on the table, but end up working in the same hostile environments with the same immature coworkers, stirring up trouble with the same petty intimidation tactics and other bull-shit office politics that land you constantly feeling overworked, underappreciated, enraged, fearful, and stuck.. Still. 

When you are just trying to do your own thing (make a dream come true, reach a goal, master an art, share a passion, experience something, etc.), but not one person in your life seems to understand you and instead you are met with criticism at every turn, forced to defend yourself when you should be receiving unconditional support, and are otherwise bullied, tricked, dismissed, disrespected, and laughed at in such a way that lands you feeling unworthy, embarrassed, alone, and better off giving up something you like just to save trouble.. Again.

..What do you do?




Put your big girl panties and shit kicker boots on Ladies.. Because getting tough and letting nothing stop you from doing you, your way is the only solution - And believe me when I say, it’s totally worth it. 

From gaslighting victim of the bad life to decorated warrior of heaven on earth kind of worth it. 

Fully owning your personal power and respecting yourself enough to use it gives you the ability to recognize and confidently cut out the things in your life (and personality) that bring you down.. without guilt, compromise, or take backs - no matter who or what they are.

Showing yourself the love like that, automatically gives you the same guilt and take back free ability to define and courageously fill your life (and personality) with the things that build you up - no matter who or what they are either.

So if you want to get happy and live your life for all it’s worth while you’re here.. Start wherever you are today, and decide it’s time to take control.  

Making that choice will catapult you into the direction of great and beautiful change - Initiating a chain of events that are sure to blow your mind as you phase back and forth through the stages of learning to embrace your awesome. 

You’re only job then becomes.. Don’t waste the opportunities.   


3 Steps to Cultivate Unshakable Self Reliance 

3 steps to awesome | 

| Establish Your Power |

Discover the attitude, resources, skills, and more required for defining, customizing, falling in love with, and living as your best self. 

The secrets to easily living a happiness filled life have been hidden behind metaphor, symbolism, fables, and genius intelligence.. Tucked away deep inside the teachings of science, philosophy, art, and spirituality. 

The first step in becoming the person who is actively living your dream life is to find, organize, process, and decipher information between fact, fiction, and possibility in order to decide what you believe to be true.. Then you can create your own holistic belief system to serve as the basis for your evolved personal values, expectations, & lifestyle habits. 

Researching personal development topics like: mind|body connection, ascension, enlightenment, and raised consciousness can help you discover the accumulated bits of wisdom brave peeps from humanity's past have been collecting and sharing on the concept of personal power forever.

Gathering as much information as possible right up front will limit the amount of time you get trapped in confusion trying to understand difficult concepts and will help you experience phase two with less frivolous trial and error. 


| Build Your Army |

Establishing your power by deciding what you believe to be true about living your best life as your best self (phase one).. will dictate the way you set up the self care system you use to succeed at making your long awaited, happiness dreams come true.

Exploring mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health solutions for changing a lifetime of learned/conditioned and fear based traits, characteristics, habits, coping mechanisms, and more into the new and improved, powerful, happy you.. Requires hard work. 

A freaking lot of it. 

Collecting a go-to set of self supportive tools and behaviors you can (and will) honestly believe in, understand, accept, and enjoy using as you travel that rough and bumpy journey is the only way to ensure you learn how to harness and safely maintain the personal power you are working to unlock. 

Researching Holistic Self Care topics like: alternative medicine, energy work, self talk, prayer, and meditation can help you discover the limitless potential you have for using regular everyday things to help take real serious care of yourself from the inside out - Maintaining the composure, motivation, and courage required to continue along your pursuit of happiness alone.



| Transform Yourself |

Consciously decide to live by the belief system you built in phase one, and use the self care techniques you discovered in phase two to live as the woman you dream of being. One bit at a time.. 

Then.. when you realize she has actually been here for a while already, continue to reshape, expand, and otherwise develop her for the rest of your life as you see fit.

Once you figure out just how true it is that your perspective controls your experiences, you will start to subconsciously (automatically) generate a set of lifestyle values that reflect your understanding and use of personal power. 

That allows you to begin taking actual responsibility for all things you - the personality you display, actions you take, goals you reach, relationships you entertain, and daily life you live..

Intentional holistic living is the one and only way to take charge of creating happiness after all. 

Life will always have it’s fair share of good and bad in store, but once you naturally control yourself when the unfavorable things are thrown your way - you can peacefully use your time, energy, resources, and lucky chances on generating wonderful things rather than fighting off the terrible ones.  

Researching Holistic Lifestyle topics like: The law of attraction, mindfulness, and the mirror effect are a few concepts that can help you see how simple it is to weave control over your own happiness into daily routines, habits, goals, and self care actions - Making it a natural and constantly recurring aspect of life you never have to go without again. 




The process of personal evolution/alchemy is essentially the path to end suffering. The guaranteed promised land of peace for those who fight the good fight without turning dark during the wild and crazy painful process.

Pain is an emotional measurement intended to be used as a fleeting (temporarily felt in response to present stimuli) gauge for your moments, memories, and so forth.. Making suffering a self induced disease that perpetuates, exacerbates, and down right thrives on the negativity of pain. 

That being said… 

Joy is a measurement intended to be used as a fleeting (temporarily felt in response to present stimuli) gauge for your moments, memories, and so forth.. Making happiness a self induced antibody/vaccine (cure) for suffering that perpetuates, enhances, and down right thrives on positivity.  

Even if it sounds like quack shit - That little spark of hope you just felt inside will prove true if you can make sense of that concept for what it is..

You can choose to be happy. Honestly. 

You can choose to embrace change, be courageously authentic, and never settle for a daily life, relationship, job, or personality full of pain again.




You are NOT broken My Dear - You have just been offered the inspiration needed to become fully alive and prove it to yourself.. What are you going to do now?


Ready for more?

Check out part 3 of the Women's Empowerment Blog Series to see the 5 awesome self care tools/concepts that help make daily holistic wellness a simple priority - even while you are working to understand mind|body connection.. and prepare to impress yourself with how quickly you can experience proof that personal power can and will naturally change things in your life for the better.




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embrace your awesome


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