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Welcome to SoulandHerbs.com!

Where inspiring women to confidentially turn life's pain into power is the concept and helping them see how they can use that power to finally create the happiness they have been craving - for themselves, in their own way, starting now.. is the mission. 



With pain being something most of us know first hand, in a seemingly deeper way than joy.. it doesn't always feel like happiness is a thing worthy of fighting for..

But I am here to yell from the internet rooftops that changing your mind about that specific fact of life.. will, in all complete honesty.. save, change, and uplevel you from the inside out..

Allowing you ultimate say so and control over the life you live, relationships you keep, work you do, attitude you have, and absolutely everything else you could possibly think of.. and tons more you couldn't. 

.. In so many positively awesome and beautiful ways.

Life truly is such a beautiful thing after all - Living it should be as well don't ya think?



No matter how many issues hinder your good life potential right now, what kind of person you are today, how many people are rooting against you, or just how bad it all hurts - The steps to changing any and all of it specifically so you can start living a life you genuinely love.. sooner, rather than later.. are the same.

Making your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual wellness (mind|body connection & holistic self care) an all day, everyday priority.. that you never have to think about, agonize over, or dismiss in the moments when you need yourself most - is the secret, and moving past the toxic relationships and situations that have been semi-secretly ruling your lifestyle and personality choices so far - is all part of the plan. 

So.. If you have the guts and determination to see things all the way through to the happily ever after phase of making dreams come true.. Soul & Herbs can help you find everything you need to succeed on the journey.. In a way that's built perfectly to suit your unique wants, needs, and quirky ways. 


If you are ready to use the pain of a recent a break-up to take your world by storm.. Start here with the 13 Day Heartbreak Recovery Challenge 
13 day challenge holistic heartbreak recovery soulandherbs.com



If that break-up is with an on and off again ex you aren't quite ready to let go of just yet.. Start here with the End Your Toxic Relationship for Good blog post instead.
end on and off relationship soulandherbs.com


If you have a different kind of pain you are ready to use as power, skip those and start here with 3 Steps to Embrace Your Awesome & End Personal Suffering
embrace your awesome



If money matters are a pain point you'd like to transform into power, Start here with my Quick Guide to Becoming Self Employed

start a business to become self reliance



You can also follow me on Pinterest to stay up to date with all the cool holistic wellness tools, resources, and information I stumble across from other's trying to help all of us amazing ladies kick ass at ruling our lives too.  




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