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Plant Based Wellness Resources | Holistic Self Care

Ashley Whitney

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diy herbalism resources

Herbalism | The scientific study and spiritual art (or practice) of using therapeutic plants and herbal remedies to maintain health naturally. 

Herbalist | A practitioner of Herbalism. 

Clean Living | Consuming less synthetically produced, overly processed foods and products in exchange for nature derived/plant based, minimally processed (organic & non/gmo when possible) high quality foods and products. 


Herbal remedies are one of my favorite self-care tools because they come in so many different forms, have awesome wellness benefits, and can be used in countless ways that make blending them into regular life easy peasy.

Because the modern day world is all about organic (nature-made) efficiency and simplicity, the plant kingdom's essential oils are gaining much deserved mainstream self-care popularity. 

They are the highly concentrated liquids extracted from plant parts that contain each plant's specific organic chemical properties - much like human blood carries each person's complete and unique dna.

Human cells can translate those plant chemicals into codes that allow the body to address it's holistic health needs from the root in ways synthetic (man-made) chemicals just cannot be programmed to do yet. 

By incorporating non-toxic essential oils into healthy habits & routines, you can easily address nearly 80% of your wellness priorities right at home - Making the transition into holistic living engaging, exciting, and totally worth it.

Become Your Own Herbalist

Stepping onto the holistic self care path of herbalism is a beautifully  amazing decision that is just bursting with benefits. 

Here are a few of my favorite herbalism wellness resources that can help you learn how to take better care of yourself with the support of some good ol' fashioned flower power, transforming you into your own properly educated diy herbalist in no time.


Affiliate Disclosure || This post contains affiliate/referral links, which means I earn a commission from sales made if my readers shop through those links.


| Books | 

oil life affiliate linkThe Essential Life | Learn all about essential oils, the systems of your body, and how the two blend perfectly together to support the health of all aspects of your being. Discover solutions for common daily concerns, recipes for food and diy crafts, tips for healthy living, and more.   


secrets of tea. amazon affiliate link

20,000 Secrets of Tea | Discover recipes, benefits, and history about using tea to naturally care for your mind, body, soul, and spirit.  


sacred baths. amazon affiliate link

The Book of Sacred Baths | Discover the benefit of weekly bath rituals for tapping into the ancient spiritual practice of healing water and herbs to better connect on a modern day level with all aspects of your being.


alchemy of herbs. amazon affiliate link

Alchemy of Herbs | Learn how to transform your kitchen into a personal, modern day apothecary by using herbs, spices, teas, and other garden foods for their ability to nurture your body.      


body in balance. amazon affiliate link

Body Into Balance: An Herbal Guide to Holistic Self-Care | Learn how to read your body’s signals and support your own wellness with herbal remedies and other natural treatments. 


grow it. amazon affiliate link

Grow It, Heal It: Natural and Effective Herbal Remedies from Your Garden or Windowsill | Learn how to use any sized available space you have to grow your own healing herbs. 


| Self-Study Online Courses |

herbal academy. prep affiliate link

Making Herbal Preparations 101 Mini Course | Discover 12 everyday safe herbs to use at home in DIY herbal recipes for teas, tinctures, salves, and oils.


herbal academy. medica affiliate link

Herbal Materia Medica Course | Discover a simple and powerful study process to help you organize what you are learning about herbs into a go-to reference journal. 


**The Herbal Academy is an outstanding resource for everything you might want to know about the power of herbalism. With a blog, online courses, textbooks, a special members only resource library, and a shop - they have all the bases covered. Explore the Herbal Academy here**


| Other Resources & Props |


botanical oracle. amazon affiliate link

Hedgewitch Botanical Oracle Cards | Use this self-care prop to help connect with yourself on a deeper level though self-reflection, symbolism, and the beauty of nature. 


herbs calender. amazon affiliate link

Rosemary Gladstar's Herbs Wall Calendar | Keep track of your days and discover DIY remedies, harvesting tips, and easy-to-follow recipes for using herbs to boost your well-being naturally. 


organic affiliate link

The Organic Artist | Learn how to make your own art supplies from items in nature. 


doterra wellness advocate aw of

doTERRA | My favorite go-to safe and trusted brand of essential oils to use for regular wellness support, clean living personal care products, and spiritual practice.


You can also find more information about herbs, essential oils, and all kinds of plant based self care on my Pinterest. 


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