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Metaphysical Wellness Resources | Holistic Self Care

Ashley Whitney

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Being a human in this world comes with it's share of trials and tribulations, but lucky for us.. we have access to an imagination that can influence the non physical/visible energy that makes up this thing we call life. 

That means you can learn what ancient cultures, religious teachings, old school witchcraft/sorcery practices, & modern day science all have in common regarding exactly what the invisible - metaphysical - parts of you  (mind, body, soul, and spirit) are capable of doing for your overall wellness in the 'real' world. 

Bringing the metaphysical art of science into your life as a self care tool that encourages and inspires you to create all kinds of health and happiness is  a guaranteed solution for positively changing the way you look at yourself and life very quickly. 

Here are some of my favorite metaphysical wellness resources that can help you learn how to take ultimate care of yourself through playing make believe with energy. 

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For Your Chakra System

Starting a journey into understanding and working with your chakra energy centers is a multifaceted experience that can change the way you look at yourself, your life, and your wellness in general. 

It's a fantastic way to incorporate spirituality and healthy living into a simple all-inclusive personal growth concept that can make it feel so much easier to take control over the many different and important aspects of your life. 

Use there resources to learn about the color coded energy system ancient healers understood to be the link between a person's physical body |nervous system| and their spiritual body |higher self| to see how your personality traits, quirks, habits, & more directly contribute to your overall satisfaction, health, & personal success in life.


your aura and chakras affiliate link
Your Aura & Your Chakras |  Learn how to tap into and care for your chakras with meditation and visualization exercises.
complete book of chakras affiliate link
Llewellyn's Complete Book of Chakras | Learn how to tap into and care for your chakras with different cultural practices used throughout history.   
Anodea Judith's Chakra Yoga | Learn how to tap into and care for your chakras through the practice of yoga.  
rainbow diet affiliate link
The Rainbow Diet | Learn how to tap into and care for your chakras through the foods you eat.  
chakra oils affiliate link
Plant Therapy Chakra Essential Oils | Tap into and care for your chakras through specially blended essential oils. 
chakra teas affiliate link
Buddha Teas Chakra Bundle | Tap into and care for your chakras through specially blended teas.
chakra wisdom cards affiliate link
Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards | Have fun tapping into the symbolism of your chakra system with the practice of divination.



For Your Mindset

The greatest supercomputer known to man - in this wildly advancing tech savvy age of information.. is still in fact the human mind. 

Wise men and women have known about using meditation practices to access the great and mighty power of their minds to generate change in the physical world since the beginning of time. 

Use these resources to learn what your mind is designed to do and exactly how you can work with it to quite literally.. become limitless in your personal power.

Courageous Dreaming. amazon affiliate link
Courageous Dreaming | Learn to generate peace and happiness in life by controlling the way you choose to look at things. 

tarot for self care amazon affiliate link
Tarot for Self Care | Learn how to use symbolism, synchronicity, and imagination to communicate with the different parts of your being for deep self reflection and mindset shifting. 
hidden power of dreams. amazon affiliate link
The Hidden Power in Your Dreams | Learn how to interpret your dreams as a self care tool for connecting with your metaphysical self. 
lucid dreaming. amazon affiliate link
Llewellyn's Complete Book of Lucid Dreaming | Learn how to become conscious in your dream time to use your imagination for wellness benefits and tons of fun.
| More Resources Added Regularly |


You can also find more information about metaphysical art, mindset shifting, and energy work based holistic self care on my Pinterest


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