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Holistic Self Care 101 | Establish your Personal Power

Ashley Whitney

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holistic self care 101

It is no secret that people want to be healthy - live happy lives - and most importantly.. be in some sort of control over how that all goes down.

Unfortunately, that means many people are spending their days sick, sad, and feeling like they have no power to change it - which is heartbreakingly awful.

We are all given many opportunities to ease pain and welcome comfort, but are not always aware of the chance to make real changes by taking advantage of them. 


At some point, the concept of self care became a mainstream buzzword related to taking personal responsibility for making sure those moments of comfort are no longer misused or ignored.

Most people hear the phrase 'self care' and think of things like taking a spa day, getting your hair & nails done, eating ice-cream from the carton while netflixing in your pajamas all day, and other in-the-moment treats you pamper yourself with to temporarily reduce stress and boost some joy. 

While those are fun and beneficial self care activities, if you kick it up a notch...self pampering can easily become holistic living and natural health inspired personal wellness. 

Holistic self care is after all, an all day, every day way of living that ensures the health and wellness of your mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical states of being are always a priority to you.  

Making self care the path to actual, honest to goodness, life satisfaction & happiness. 


| Aspects of Self |

The body we use to live in this lifetime can best be described as a collection of separate layers all working together to create the whole. Like a nesting doll if you will.

Mind, Soul, & Spirit are all within the Body and play vital roles in the proper function of each other. 

For generations, people have been experimenting with ways to influence the individual health of each layer and now in the modern day, we have access to information about many of their discoveries. 

All of the collected wisdom has proven that in order to truly get healthy and stay healthy, you must embrace each layer of your being for the individual role it plays in your everyday life, then take consistent action in caring for each accordingly.



Your body is the outside layer of you that can be visibly seen - The part of you at the mercy of your surroundings, with your feet magnetized to the ground, and graced with the ability to perceive life through the intricate human senses.  

Your body is the aspect of your being that gives you the ability to experience this specific life as the whole and complete person you are. 

Physical Health Related To | Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep, Hygiene, Clean Living |

Spiritually Related to | Personality, Instinct, Skills | 
Emotionally Related to | Foundation |
Mentally Related to | Routine |



Your mind is the invisible/spiritual layer of you that is always thinking. The super computer running on autopilot inside of you at all times - Not only directing your body to function but accessing your current memories, creating new ones, and influencing your decisions, actions, beliefs, and emotions in response to them.

Your mind is the aspect of your being that gives you the conscious ability to think, focus, and use logic.  

Mental Health Related To | Discernment, Mindfulness, Strategy, Organization, and Education |

Spiritually Related to | Perspective, Consciousness, and Wisdom | 
Emotionally Related to | Attitude | 
Mentally Related to | Mindset | 
Physically Related to | The Brain |



Your soul is the invisible/spiritual layer of you that deeply understands you and others. The part of you that is always completely honest. Your emotional center where all feelings are collected, processed, and translated into chemical and electrical codes that your brain and other organs/cells can read as directions for related functioning. 

Your soul is the aspect of your being that allows you to love and hate freely based on your personal choices, no matter how often they change. 

Emotional Health Related To | Self-Reflection, Forgiveness, Compassion, Hobbies, Joy, and Intimacy/Affection |

Spiritually Related to | Intuition, Passion, and Creativity | 
Emotionally Related to | Personal Values | 
Mentally Related to | Personal Preference | 
Physically Related to | The Heart |



Your spirit is the invisible/spiritual layer of you that protects your mind, body, and soul. The part of you that walks in your dreams and lives in the invisible worlds of your thoughts. The part of you that is one with god/source/universe.

Your spirit is the aspect of your being that gives you life and your unique brand of spunky courage to live it.

Spiritual Health Related To | Meditation, Energy Work, Spiritual Practice, Service to the Greater Good, and Self-Preservation |

Spiritually Related to | Courage, Power, and Destiny | 
Emotionally Related to | Personal Identity | 
Mentally Related to | Belief | 
Physically Related to | The Gut |


Although there is no 100% true and correct way to explain metaphysical concepts like states of being and all the awesome stuff they govern - generally speaking, if you can find a way to embrace and care for the different parts of yourself in some way that feels right to you, you really can take control over the most important aspects of your life.. Giving you access to the personal power needed to become your best self, living your best life.

Check out these 5 awesome self care tools/concepts that help make daily holistic wellness a simple priority - even while you are working to understand mind|body connection.. and prepare to impress yourself with how quickly you can experience proof that personal power can and will naturally change things in your life for the better.  


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holistic self care 101

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