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5 Tips for Getting Happy | Holistic Self Care

Ashley Whitney

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secrets to getting happy | 

With happiness being the state of life everyone wishes for, why do so many people live every day without it? 

The truth of course, is that the modern day way of socially acceptable living doesn’t really have a lot of room for happiness.. So, many people simply give up on finding it.

What with all the go, go going, financial stress, crazy work hours, friend and family drama, health issues, and so much more - no wonder happiness seems like a pipe dream that’s so incredibly easy to let go of. 

But what if it didn’t have to be like that? 

What if there was a way to live a life you love? One where you wake up every morning and go to bed every night feeling genuinely happy to be alive living the life you are living - no matter what..

Well guess what.. Yep! You guessed it - There is totally a freaking way to get the good life!


Based on the self-care model used since ancient times - If a person takes the right care of themselves |inside and out|, real life - making dreams come true and living life to the fullest kind of happiness is naturally guaranteed. 

Holistic self care is then, the concept of personal power brought to life. The ability to take control over all things you and rock it specifically so you can live in your dream life. A life where you look great, feel great, have great, and be great.. naturally.  

Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health (Mind|Body Connection) all play a part in the satisfaction you feel in life and every choice you make directly affects one or more of those areas - Living a holistic lifestyle means you get to know and care for the real you well enough to ensure you are always making choices that positively affect each.

That of course allows for the best version of you to live the best version of your life. 

Tada! Happiness.  


Alchemy, Rising as the Phoenix, and the Tarot are spiritual based concepts 100% related to the personal transformation process of becoming your best, most authentic self through the complete dismantling of the socially conditioned you and deliberate rebuilding of the healed and badass true you. 

The goal is to become so incredibly healthy, independent, and confident that no amount of peer pressure, catastrophe, or bad vibes can ever bully you into making choices that give your mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual control over to someone or something other than yourself. 

When you can validate your own choices, handle your own situations, experience your own emotions, find your own answers/solutions, and lift your own spirits - You have all your power. 

You are then equipped with the tools, wisdom, and mindset, required for shaping and molding your life to your satisfaction as needed forever after.  



Here are 5 not so secret, secret areas of self care that are guaranteed to boost your holistic wellness and help bring moments of happiness into your days.


Affiliate Disclosure || This post contains affiliate/referral links, which means I earn a commission from sales made if my readers shop through those links.




Herbalism is Powerful || Be Natural

The versatile benefits of using herbs, spices, flowers, and other plant parts as ingredients for natural remedies and homemade specialties is a practice that has been used by humanity for holistic support quite literally since the beginning of time.

By blending plant based food into the regular self-care actions and personal moments you already take part in everyday, you can embrace the old school way of using plant power to support your happy wellness through chemical based holistic self-care.


Self-Care Resources for Herbalists

Herbalism Wellness Resources || See My Recommendations List Here



Your Chakra System Explains It All || Be Aligned

The spiritual concept of the chakra system is essentially an ancient map that connects all important physical aspects of your life to the non-physical aspects of you that create/live it. 

By understanding the symbolism behind aligning your energy centers, you can actively use the colors of the rainbow to guide you along every twist and turn of life while supporting your best self through lifestyle and personality based holistic self-care.


Self-Care Resources for Chakra Healers

Chakra Wellness Tools & Resources || See My Recommendations Here



Alone Time is Valuable || Be an Introvert

An introvert is a person who likes spending time alone. Not a person who is too scared, shy, or otherwise incapable of spending time with others, but one who genuinely understands and feels the benefit of having the freedom to be who they are in peace.

The company you keep has a great effect on the health and wellness of all aspects of your being and makes supporting your true and free self through social influence based holistic self-care very important.


Self-Care Resources for Introverts

Tarot for Self Care | Learn how to spend aloe time using symbolism, synchronicity, and imagination to communicate with the different parts of your being for deep self reflection and mindset shifting. 



Imagination Creates Everything || Be One with Your Mind

Psychic abilities may sound like an over the top woo-woo concept, but the ability to notice, direct, create, understand, and explain your thoughts is the most real life, available super power a person can possibly tap into. 

Exploring thought control and wisdom building practices will give you many.. many ways to become one with your mind. | ie: mindfulness, meditation, dream interpretation, metaphysical symbolism, the law of attraction, subconscious programming, & energy work | 

Support your overall wellness through mental clarity/perspective based holistic self-care to ensure you are always inspired and encouraged to make healthy choices that benefit all aspects of your being for your highest good. 


Self-Care Resources for Creative Thinkers

|Courageous Dreaming| is a book that does a fantastic job at explaining the fact that you always have the choice to use the imaginative power of your mind to get healthy, happy living to manifest for you simply by controlling the way you choose to see things. 



Self-Employment is Freedom || Be Your Own Boss

Finding a way to generate your own income allows you complete control over many important aspects of life that directly contribute to your holistic health in countless ways.

The job you keep determines everything from the way you manage your time to the quality of household products and food you regularly shop for, and so many moral, emotional, and physical situations/issues in between.

Having the power to make money around the health of your life rather than attempt to handle the health of your life around making money is a lifestyle mindset shift that can change everything in your life.

The internet is full of resources that can help you decide how to go about taking charge of your financial power.

As long as you are prepared to put in some serious elbow grease without giving up when the going gets tough - You will be able to build the perfect business for you personally and can support your mind|body health through financial independence based holistic self-care. 


Self-Care Resources for Entrepreneurs 

Need some inspiration and/or motivation to kick start this 'make your own money' thing? I stumbled across this book |The Secret of Selling Anything| right at the beginning of my own wild self-employment journey and I loved the boost of encouragement I got from reading it, Maybe you will too. 


Not a member of the Soul and Herbs Personal Branding Small Business Start Up Program yet? Get resources for starting and running a holistic, heart centered business there. Sign up here for free.

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Looking for more?

While I can personally |and proudly| stand here today and vouch for the benefits embracing even one of these concepts will bring to the life of anyone willing to do so - I also know firsthand just how challenging it can be to make the right use of them when you are just starting out.

If you are serious about creating big changes in your life and would like to tackle them all with some step-by-step guidance to make sure you learn exactly how and what it will take to reach happiness with the least strife and discomfort..

The Soul & Herbs Practical Alchemy Program can show you just how to hone in on the Superwoman aspects of your personality required to make your own holistic self-care and happiness something you completely control.

crash course |

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